This is the obverse of the Cross

Today, Friday the 26th April 2013

Gill received a personal gift from H.M. The Queen of the


This is the reverse of Gill's Cross * See bottom of page.
It is the only Cross/Medal I know with a plain
 reverse given over to personal engraving details.

Before we begin, first read the salient details about the Elizabeth Cross here direct from The Queen's own  personal website with an audio presentation spoken by Her Majesty herself at the foot of the page.

RN Commander's widow gets honour


The widow of the Royal Navy commander shot dead on board the nuclear submarine HMS Astute received a military honour today.

Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux died after the incident in Southampton in April 2011.

His widow Gillian was handed the Elizabeth Cross, given to the next-of-kin of members of the British Forces killed on duty, in a special ceremony in Wigan#.

This video might take a little while to download especially on slow broadband connections. However, like all good things, it is worth waiting for. 


The naval officer at the ceremony is Commodore Dickie Baum Royal Navy, the Northern Regional Commander. He had the unpleasant task of calling upon Gill to break the news of Ian's death.

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This is the Scroll awarded with the Elizabeth Cross which is signed by Her Majesty.

Gill is now the proud recipient of the George Medal and the Elizabeth Cross. Since Ian's death, she regularly uses the expression "bitter sweet" to mean her continuing deep pain and sadness for the loss of her husband but her happiness, thanks and joy, at having so many supportive friends and a wonderful family to support her. She wears these honours on her chest with great pride and in her heart she bears her pain and loss with great dignity.


*This gives a better view of the reverse of the Cross.  Underneath Ian's Official Number there is a Sterling Silver Hall Mark and the pin fastener.

There are several other artefacts, or naturally occurring objects, which have been dedicated to Ian's name and to the Molyneux family.  These are shown at the end of the 'GRAVE  PAGE' along with other family photographs. If you wish, you can break the navigational sequence and go there now, but if you do, please remember to come back to this page by clicking on your BACK button. Go there now ?'S_GRAVE.htm