Saturday 1st January 1966 LWE leave in Yorkshire with Beryl and kids. Authors note. My wife is a London girl but was up in Yorkshire looking after my family because my mother was in hospital recovering from injuries received in a RTA as a pedestrian.
Sunday 2nd ditto. 2143 train to Plymouth
Monday 3rd Arrived Plymouth 1010 - adrift!. Spent evening in Adamant [depot ship] watching TV
Tuesday 4th Devonport Duty PO
Wednesday 5th Nothing doing! Maintenance on equipment and aerials. Evening in Adamant
Thursday 6th First leave [second whack] came back. Caught 1345 train from Plymouth to Leeds. Arrived 2145.
Friday 7th LWE leave in Yorkshire
Saturday 8th ditto
Sunday 9th ditto Caught 2143 train to Plymouth
Monday 10th Arrived Plymouth 1010. Had 1200 leave. Afternoon Divisions followed by skippers talk. Duty PO.
Tuesday 11th Had security interview in afternoon.  Saw my comic cuts - VG Superior.  Evening, sorted kit for Singapore and the TV in Adamant
Wednesday 12th Nothing doing! Make and mend in Adamant during afternoon. Evening watching TV and getting ready for weekend
Thursday 13th Had second cholera in forenoon.  Caught 1345 train to Leeds.  Arrived at 2200.
Friday 14th LWE leave in Yorkshire
Saturday 15th ditto
Sunday 16th ditto Caught 2143 train to Plymouth
Monday 17th Arrived Plymouth 1030.  Adamant. Received 1966-67 tax form.
Tuesday 18th Did routine maintenance on radio equipment
Wednesday 19th Sailed at 0830 to do main motor balancing trials in Plymouth Sound.  Arrived back alongside at 1100. Afternoon, took makers and bought remainder of tropical kit.  Sent some home to be altered. Evening in Adamant.
Thursday 20th Sailed at 0830 to local areas. Fired and calibrated newly fitted 4-inch gun and torpedo tubes.  Alongside Adamant at 1420.  Duty PO
Friday 21st SMASHEX. Sailed at 0120 for EXERCISE SMASHEX [HM SUB OPPOSUM]. Alongside again at 0300.  Quiet day. Evening in Adamant.
Saturday 22nd At sea. Sailed Devonport at 0830.  Swung compass at buoy in sound until 1300 then left sound for English channel and INDEX [Independant exercises].  Had 2000-2200 watch.
Sunday 23rd At sea. Had 0600-0800, 1400-1600 and 2200-2359 watches. Nothing special. Ordinary submarine routine
Monday 24th At sea. 0800-1000 and 1800-2000 watches. Fired torpedoes off Eddystone light house
Tuesday 25th At sea. 0400-0600 and 1600-1800 watches. On passage to Loch Fyne [Scotland] for noise trials. Sea rough. Gales
Wednesday 26th At sea. 0200-0400 watch. Arrived Loch Fyne at 0715.  Commenced trials. Finished at 1930.  Secured to a buoy
Thursday 27th At sea. Pay day. No pay onboard!! Slipped from buoy at 0800 and commenced trials.  Finished trials at 1700.  Sailed south for Plymouth at 1730.  Watches 1400-1600 and 1900-2000. Sea calm
Friday 28th At sea. Watches 0600-0800. Normal submarine routine.  Sea moderate. Heard first news on pay rise by signal from MOD[N] 'tis about time too!!
Saturday 29th Arrived Plymouth at 0745. Docked in No3 basin west wall for repairs.  Went ashore to buy last minute goodies for trip to Singapore.  Spent 5.  Evening in Adamant TV and letter writing. Phoned Beryl
Sunday 30th Awoke at 1000.  Went down boat for my tot.  Left 1300.  Evening in Adamant.  Wrote to and phoned Beryl.
Monday 31st Took kit down boat ready for departure. Returned Adamant bedding. Wrote and phone Beryl. Watched war movie down the boat.
Tuesday 1 February 1966 1000. Sailed from Devonport for Singapore. Raining in Plymouth. Sea rough to moderate. 1800-1900 watch
Wednesday 2nd Watches 0400-0600 and 1800-1900. Sea high swell. Position Bay of Biscay NW coast of Portugal. Temp Average 80 degs F
Thursday 3rd 0600-0800 and 1900-200 watches. Sea calm/moderate. Position at 2000 off Lisbon Portugal. Temp 85F.  Clock 1 hour forward at 0130
Friday 4th 0800-1000 watch. Sea calm. Temp 85F Arrived Gibraltar at 1520.  Weather glorious and warm. Went ashore
Saturday 5th Sailed from Gibraltar at 1005. Weather overcast. Sea calm. Temp75F. Dived at 1305 for deep dive. Position at 2359 north of Algiers North Africa
Sunday 6th 0800-1000 watch. Sea calm. Weather Glorious. Spent majority of afternoon sunbathing on casing. Temp 80F Position at 2359 North African coast line
Monday 7th 1200-1400 watch. Sea Calm. Temp 70F Position at 2359 off the Island of Isola di Pantelleria
Tuesday 8th 2359-0200 watch. Exercised with aircraft off Malta.  Arrived Malta GC at 1830. Weather chilly. Went ashore.
Wednesday 9th At Malta. Duty PO.  Wrote letters and post cards home. Saw 2 movies.
Thursday 10th At Malta. Weather good. Had Chief and PO'S run ashore. Wrote home.
Friday 11th At Malta Weather poor- cold and rainy. Went to Valletta and saw IN HARMS WAY an American war movie
Saturday 12th Sailed from Malta for Suez Canal at 1000.  Weather overcast. Watches 1000-1200 and 2200-2359. Sea calm. Temp 75F Position at 2359 north of Gulf of Sidra 160 miles east of Malta
Sunday 13th At sea. Watches 1200-1400. Sea calm. Weather cool wind. Temp 75F Position at 2359  North of Tobruk
Monday 14th Clocks advanced 1 hour at 0200.  Dived at 0900. Surfaced at 1600.  Fired water shots. Sea Calm. Position at 2359 North of Alexandria. Watch 0130-0400
Tuesday 15th Advanced clocks 1 hour at 0200. Sea calm. Temp 65F Arrived Port Said Egypt at 1410.  Last time here, 10 years ago during the Suez War of 1956.
Wednesday 16th Joined convoy for transit.  Last in line. Left Port Said for Suez Canal at 0800. Weather warm temp 80F. Left Canal and Port Suez for Red Sea at 2245
Thursday 17th 1000-1200 Sea calm. Position at 2359 Red Sea.  
Friday 18th 0800-1000 and 2200-2359. Spent afternoon sunbathing on casing. Weather hot. Heard of pay rise. Roughly 3 a week for me. Position Red Sea. Temp 75F
Saturday 19th 1400-1600 and 2359-0200 watches, Temp 85F. Position at 2359. Left Red Sea entered Indian Ocean. Very hot and humid
Sunday 20th Arrived Aden at 1340. Weather extremely hot 85F but cool for Aden. Duty PO. Exercised with RAF Shackleton prior to entering Aden
Monday 21st At Aden. Moved into the merchant navy club for food and accommodation.  Extremely hot.
Tuesday 22nd At Aden. Spent morning working on main aerial damaged by sea water through leaking insulator. Swimming at the Mermaid Club. Accommodation and food good. Cabin No 10 with air conditioning, sink, wardrobe and draws, writing desk and chair. Nice clean bed.
Wednesday 23rd At Aden. Quiet day. Swimming at HMS Sheba [local shore establishment] in the evening.
Thursday 24th At Aden Pay day. Very hot and humid. Local TU Leader shot 3 times in chest in village of Marla by the NLF.  Swimming and sun bathing at Mermaid NAAFI canteen Steamer Point
Friday 25th At Aden Invited for evening to 4/7 RDG [Royal Dragoon Guards] at Little Aden.  Excellent outing.
Saturday 26th At Aden Invited for evening to RCT [Royal Corps of Transport] HQ Normandy Heights. Petrol bomb thrown at RAF Officers car. Nobody hurt.
Sunday 27th At Aden. Duty PO. Had Chief and PO's cocktail party.  Guests from all three services.
Monday 28th At Aden. Played rugby against RAF Khormaksar.  We lost hopelessly 38-0!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 1st March 1966 At Aden Swimming and sunbathing. 15 Arabs injured by rebel grenade.  I serviceman injured at Shiek-Othman
Wednesday 2nd Sailed from Aden at 1015 to take members of the 3 services to sea. Returned to Aden breakwater at 1600.  Picked up remainder of crew and sailed for Muscat near the Persian Gulf.  Sea calm. Temp 84F Watch 2200-2359
Thursday 3rd Watch 1000-1200 Dived at 0900 for INDEX. Surfaced at 1200. Temp 85F Position at 2359 North of British Somaliland
Friday 4th Watches 0800-1000 and 2000-2200 Sea Calm. Dived at 0910 for INDEX surfaced at 1045. Temp 80F Position at 2359 570 miles from Aden running up coast of Hadramaut [south Arabia]
Saturday 5th Advanced clocks 1 hour at 0200.  Zone time now Delta. Dived at 0900 until 1145 for INDEX. Temp 85F Sea CALM. Position at 2359 900 miles from Aden in Bay of Suquara 600 miles to go to Oman Watches 0800-1000 and 2000-2200.
Sunday 6th Watch 1000-1200 Sea calm. Spent afternoon on casing sunbathing.  Saw our first shark - a big brown one. Tried to tice him in for shooting practice but he wanted a lazy Sunday afternoon and disappeared. Temp 80F Position at 2359 1080 miles from Aden passing up east coast of Oman
Monday 7th Watches 0001-0200, 1000-1200 and 1800-2000. Dived at 0900 for dived snort passage of 100 miles up to Persian Gulf area. Temp 85F Sea like glass. Position at 2359 Gulf of Oman.  Skin - peeling!!!
Tuesday 8th Dived at 0830 and commenced exercising with HMS Nubian, Eskimo and Ghurka.  Received mail and bread from Nubian before diving. 3 letters from Beryl. Watch 1400-1600 Temp 89F Position at 2359 Gulf of Oman
Wednesday 9th One week at sea since Aden. Watches 0001-0200 and 2200-2359. Temp 85F. Sea calm. Dived, attacking and being attacked by British, Iranian and American destroyers. Position at 2359 Gulf of Oman
Thursday 10th Watches 1000-1200 and 2000-2200. Dived. Exercising with ships.  Completed same and sailed for JASK at 2315.  Sea calm. Temp 85F Position at 2359 Gulf of Oman. Pay Day
Friday 11th Arrived JASK Iran at 0415 and secured alongside HMS Eskimo.  Sun bathed in afternoon.  Saw a sea snake caught.
Saturday 12th Sailed from JASK at 0615.  Commenced exercising at 1015. Sea calm. Temp 80F. Watches 1000-1200 and 2200-2359. Position at 2359 Gulf of Oman
Sunday 13th Watches 1000-1200 and 2000-2200 Dived exercising with ships.  Sea calm. Temp 80F. Finished exercising at 1600 and started to head for MUSCAT .  The capital city of Oman with HMS Eskimo in company
Monday 14th At Muscat alongside HMS Eskimo. Looked round Muscat and dungeons - still in use.  Fantastic place but about 400 years behind time!  Afternoon sunbathed on submarine.  Evening had invite from CPO'S and PO'S of HMS Gurkha.
Tuesday 15th Sailed from Muscat at 0730 and started last leg of journey to Singapore.  Mail came onboard from HMS Gurkha's helicopter shortly after sailing.  Sea calm. Temp 85F Watches 1000-1200 and 2200-2359. Position at 2359 195 miles south of Muscat
Wednesday 16th Watch 1400-1600 Sea calm Temp 86F Dived at 0900 to fire water shots from torpedo tubes. Surfaced at 1100. On casing in afternoon. Position at 2359 480 miles from Muscat
Thursday 17th Watch 0001-0200 and 1200-1400 Sea calm Temp 85F Dived at 0900 for INDEX Surfaced at 1035. On casing in afternoon.  Position at 2359 825 miles from Muscat travelling down west coast of India
Friday 18th Watches 0130-0400 and 1400-1600 Advance clocks 1 hour at 0200 now 5 hours ahead of home. Dived at 0900 for INDEX Surfaced at 1000 Casing in afternoon.  Position at 2359 entered the far east station area.  Laccadive Islands 2325 miles to Singapore
Saturday 19th Watches 0400-0600 and 1800-2000 Sea calm Dived at 0900 for INDEX Surfaced at 1045. Temp 89F. Afternoon on casing. Very hot - about 100F in sun. Position at 2359 rounding tip of India 90 miles south of Cape Comorin
Sunday 20th Mother's Day. Watches 0600-0800 and 2000-2200. Sea low swell. Sighted 5th ship since leaving Muscat. Advanced clocks 1 hour at 0200 now 6 hours ahead of UK. Temp 90F. Position at 2359 rounding southern tip of Ceylon 1440 miles to Singapore. We have now covered 7480 miles since leaving home.
Monday 21st Watches 0800-1000 and 2000-2200 Sea swell. Temp 90F. Dived at 0900 for INDEX. Surfaced at 1215. UK gone to summer time so now 5 hours ahead of home. Position at 2359. 1170 miles from Singapore crossing Bay of Bengal 570 miles from Sumatra 240 miles from Ceylon.
Tuesday 22nd Watch 0800-1000. Dived at 0900 for INDEX. Surfaced at 1015.  Sea long swell. Temp 91F. Too rough to go on casing.  Had a fire in the submarine. Position at 2359 crossing Bay of Bengal just south of the Nicobar Islands 880 miles from Singapore
Wednesday 23rd Watches 2359-0200 and 1200-1400. Sea low swell. Stopped submarine and touched-up paint work at 0815. Underway again at 1700. Temp 91F. Position at 2359 692 miles to go to Singapore. 355 miles north of the equator. Entering Indonesian waters.  Keeping good lookout for trouble!!!
Thursday 24th Pay day 14-0-0.  Watches 0130-0400 and 1600-1800. Advanced clocks 1 hour . Now 6 hours ahead of BST and 7 hours ahead of GMT. Sea calm. Temp 92F. Very humid. Casing in afternoon. Position at 2359 400 miles from Singapore.  Passing down Malacca Straits off coast of Sumatra.
Friday 25th Watches 0600-0800 and 2000-2200. Sea calm. Temp 93F Sighted coast of Malaya during afternoon.  On casing - sun red hot!! Captains rounds during forenoon. Position at 2359 71 miles from Singapore running down Johore Malaya
Saturday 26th Temp 96F. Arrived Singapore Roads at 0800. LMT now 7 hours ahead of GMT.  Stopped and touch-up paint work; underway again at 0900.  Arrived Singapore Naval Base alongside HMS Medway at 1045.  Thank goodness that trip is over!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday 27th Too Hot!! Singapore.  Moved into a hotel - the New Straits at Johore Baru. No room in HMS TERROR the local RN barracks.  Evening had dinner and saw floor show,
Monday 28th At Singapore. Afternoon, went house hunting- not very impressed with what was available. However, towards evening found a really fabulous brand new bungalow with brand new furniture and fittings; owned by a dental surgeon who trained in the UK. $380 Singapore dollars plus[!]
Tuesday 29th At Singapore. Went to house 49 Jalan Lengkok Sembawang Road Singapore 27 and arranged to have some furniture taken out.  Was 3 bedroom now 2 bedroom.  Saw BETTER house 5 doors down at No 59 so had that one at $400 dollars per month rent.
Wednesday 30th At Singapore. Duty PO. Spent afternoon at house.  Fixed up curtains and other things with landlord.  Was paid 99-0-0. Evening - dinner at hotel.
Thursday 31st At Singapore. Had Commander-in-Chiefs welcome to Far East Station address. Afternoon collected photo's for driving licence and had fitting for trousers.  Evening - looked around Singapore city which is 13 miles from the Naval Base.
Friday 1st April 1966 At Singapore. Paid $400 rent and $50 advance electricity and water charges.  Saw a couple of Chinese girls with a view to being an Amah - not suitable. Evening hotel. Singapore holiday. NOTE: Amah is an Indian word used throughout Asia and SE Asia meaning WET NURSE.  In reality, none was [a wet nurse] being instead a servant; maid or housekeeper.
Saturday 2nd At Singapore. Forenoon moved into floating dock for inspection and bottom scrape.  Afternoon drove around in the car I am going to buy - a blue MK2 Ford Zodiac.  Evening at house getting organised.  Had bathroom painted yellow.
Sunday 3rd At Singapore. Lazy day. Spent better part of evening shopping at Amah's market in Sembawang Hills.  Bought linen sets and glass ware.
Monday 4th At Singapore. Duty PO. Doing substitute for return duty Sunday 17th. Was paid 25-0-0 [half of disturbance allowance].  Roughly 250 hours before Beryl Steven and Phillip arrive - thank goodness. Got my Singapore driving licence No. S5379/66
Tuesday 5th At Singapore. Duty PO. Very boring day!
Wednesday 6th At Singapore. Afternoon collected trousers from tailors in Johore Bahru and went to house. TV arrived. Finished bathroom. Unpacked recently purchased items. Evening - dinner at hotel. Drove to airport for practice run!
Thursday 7th Pay day - not Maundy I hope! At Singapore. Came out of dry dock and berthed No 9 wharf in dockyard.
Friday 8th At Singapore. Good Friday. Normal working day. Maintenance period.  Evening at hotel
Saturday 9th At Singapore. Duty PO. Boring day.
Sunday 10th At Singapore. Spent day at house doing odd jobs. Evening went to hotel for dinner then back to No 9 mess [Rimau - submariners mess in the middle of SNB not far from the JB causeway gate called the Rotherham Gate] to see a movie.
Monday 11th At Singapore. Duty PO. Day off. Caught up with paper work and wrote letters.
Tuesday 12th At Singapore. Got some formica from dockyard and started to do the wireless office out.  Afternoon at house. Choo, our Chinese Amah started working for us.
Wednesday 13th At Singapore. Afternoon went to house and gave Choo some work.  Evening bought last minute items and then had late dinner in hotel
Thursday 14th At Singapore. GREAT DAY! Beryl and boys left England at 0425 UK time.  Officially moved into the house this afternoon and got food in. Went to Singapore airport at 2200
Friday 15th At Singapore. EVEN BETTER DAY! Beryl and boys touched down at 0130.  Flight time 14 hours 35 minutes [poor Beryl]. Saw aircraft land. Beryl and boys fine. Got home at 0300 and finally to bed at 0400.  Much happier now.  We awoke late but Steven slept until 1200.  Phillip and Beryl fine. Steven unsettled.
Saturday 16th At Singapore. Steven extremely unsettled but to be expected.  Phillip fine and nearly back to routine. Showed Beryl around our vicinity and went to Naval Base for her pass.
Sunday 17th At Singapore. Went for a drive across to Malaysia and Johore Bahru.  Saw rubber plantations etc. Steven more settled and plays with other kids on estate. Beryl fine.
Monday 18th At Singapore. To RNAD to load our ammunition ready for our first patrol in south China sea. Went to dressmaker and ordered 6 dresses for Beryl.
Tuesday 19th At Singapore. Bought a big pedal car with battery horn and lights for Steven.  He is much better now and is getting a nice tan.  Picked up first of Beryl's dresses.
Wednesday 20th At Singapore. Finish doing the office. All ready for sea now. Steven now fine but Beryl has a nasty dose of bites and prickly heat.  Beryl settled and has made good friends.
Thursday 21st At Singapore.  Happy birthday to H.M. Pay day. Preparing for Flag Officer Submarines [FOSM] inspection.
Friday 22nd At Singapore. FOSM arrived from UK. Had divisions, a talk then inspection of the boat. Took Beryl and boys to submarine sports day in afternoon. I played TWO games of hockey - must been mad in that heat!!!
Saturday 23rd At Singapore. St Georges Day. Afternoon went shopping. Evening went out to mess for dinner/dance. TWELVE course Chinese meal. Choo baby-sat - home by 0030.
Sunday 24th At Singapore. Quiet day. At home. Afternoon, drove to Singapore city.
Monday 25th Sailed from Singapore at 0805 for work-up in local areas.  Carried out emergency drills and attacks.
Tuesday 26th At sea. More drills. Fired four torpedoes at HMS Loch Fada.  Alongside in Singapore at 1830. Home by 1900
Wednesday 27th At Singapore. Day in harbour. Exercised with Royal Marine Commando's [Special Boat Section - SBS]. Afternoon went swimming. Bought Steven life-ring and put him in deep water.  He loved it - not a bit scared. Hated it when time to come out.
Thursday 28th To sea at 0745.  Emergency drills and boarding party exercises.  Took 8 SBS men with us. Temp 100F. Sea calm. Landed Marines and picked them up during day and night.
Friday 29th Sea calm. Transferred Marines during morning to our sister submarine ANDREW. Tug NIMBLE came out to us towing a gunnery target.  Afternoon surface gunnery practice with our 4-inch gun.  The dived/surface gun actions.  Much water inside submarine. Red hot in the boat.
Saturday 30th Duty PO. Early morning laid MINES. Temp 95F Sea calm. Arrived Singapore at 2130.
Sunday 1st May 1966 At Singapore. Dived in Straits during forenoon to evaluate defect.  Back alongside by 1100. Home by lunch time. Steven very upset that through me being late he had missed Sunday school.  Afternoon at swimming pool.  Evening went to market at Sembawang then to dinner at New Straits View hotel.
Monday 2nd At Singapore. Day off. Chinese public holiday. Left home at 1115 and drove 120 miles to Jason's Bay and back -Malayan mainland. Didn't like it.  Home by 1800.
Tuesday 3rd To sea at 0745 for exercises in local areas.  Exercised with HMS DIDO.  Sea calm. Temp over 100F
Wednesday 4th At sea. Exercising. Carried out attacks and then started 186 listening.  Extremely hot and uncomfortable. Sea calm. Have severe pain in left ear.  Used peroxide and cotton wool.
Thursday 5th At sea. Pay day. Mainly 186'ing and MURDEROUSLY HOT.  Paid $165
Friday 6th At sea. Duty PO. 0430 Started making our way up to base to pick up Commander Submarines ready for his sea inspection of us.  Left base at 0745 and did emergency surfacing drills, fires onboard and boarding parties etc., whilst on way to diving areas. Dived at 1330 and carried out dived evolutions.
Saturday 7th At sea. Early morning fired two torpedoes at our sister submarine AMBUSH. [Yesterday fired 3 torpedoes at destroyer HMS BARROSA and fired gun at towed target]. Spent remainder of day with AMBUSH landing R.M. Commando's and going into beach dived - surface, pick them up and then dive again. Arrived Singapore at 2045
Sunday 8th At Singapore. Morning went to Church and Steven started proper Sunday school. Didn't really like it but enjoyed the toys. Afternoon took friend to Singapore airport to show him route etc.  Evening, lent same friend my car to enable him to meet his wife's flight from UK.
Monday 9th At Singapore. Dockyard to RNAD to load shells, bullets and torpedoes, then to middle of harbour for a compass swing. Evening drove to Singapore city [13 miles] and saw James Bond "Thunderball" in a lovely air conditioned cinema.  Choo baby-sat.
Tuesday 10th At Singapore. Back to dockyard to complete repairs.  Afternoon went shopping. Quiet evening at home watching TV.
Wednesday 11th At Singapore.  Moved from dockyard to Base and dived on way to test newly repaired equipment.  Afternoon, ran over Stevens new car with my car.  Complete write-off.  Bought him a new bike.  He said his car had died!! but was soon content with his new bike.  Went swimming.
Thursday 12th At Singapore. Duty PO. Had from lunch until 2100 off to take Phillip to doctor for a check-up, then went shopping and bought a new carry chair for Phillip. Saw movie onboard during evening.
Friday 13th At Singapore. Taxed car until November. Got Beryl's provisional licence and arranged delivery of trunks from UK for P.M. Monday.  Afternoon went shopping in Singapore city and had tea in John Littles's store.  Evening, took Beryl out to dinner in Johore Bahru.  Our car was broken into whilst in the hotel.  Police called by nothing happened.
Saturday 14th Sailed from Singapore at 1000 enroute for Subic Bay in the Phillipine Islands.  Sea calm. Temp 96F.
Sunday 15th At sea. Dived at dusk and dawn for evaluations and stats.  Keeping second officer of the watch duties on the surface with 1st Lieutenant.  Took sun shot in afternoon and reported ships.
Monday 16th At sea. Dived at dawn and dusk. Swotting for navigation exam.  Doing general navigation with 1st Lt and sights [stars/sun/moon] with torpedo officer.  Position at 2359 south China sea off Vietnam.
Tuesday 17th At sea. Dived at dawn and dusk. Bridge watchkeeping.  Enroute Subic Bay.
Wednesday 18th At sea. Duty PO. Dived at dawn. Typhoon IRMA in our area.  Sea moderate to rough. Dived again at 1500 to avoid shipping in heavy tropical rain. Temp 100F and very humid
Thursday 19th At sea. Pay day. $165. Clocks put on hour 8 hours in front of GMT. Sea very rough making our arrival Subic about 37 hours late. Great deal of damage ashore caused by the typhoon.
Friday 20th At sea. Still very rough.  Managed to get into inner harbour and secured to No 19 buoy at 1800, 33 hours late. At 2030 moved from buoy to alongside American submarine SEGUNDO on jetty.
Saturday 21st Subic Bay Phillipines. Torrential rained storms. Went to Chief's club in evening - nice place.  Had an interesting talk with U.S. Servicemen on leave from Vietnam.  4 years today as a Radio Supervisor [PO]
Sunday 22nd Subic Bay. Quiet day. Wrote letters to home and Otley. Late evening preparing for sea.
Monday 23rd Sailed from Subic Bay at 0400.  Storm blowing out now.  Seas more or less calm. Commenced big SEATO exercise with Phillipino; American; British; New Zealand and Australian ships submarines and aircraft.
Tuesday 24th At sea. Patrolling. South China Sea. Duty PO. Boring existence!!
Wednesday 25th At sea. Patrolling South China Sea.  BORING. Sat on bottom all through the night.
Thursday 26th At sea. Patrolling.  Sighted Australian and American [enemy units] ships during morning.  Attacked with torpedoes, We were not detected.
Friday 27th At sea.  Deadly boring
Saturday 28th At sea. Still patrolling.  Snorting charging our battery, but kept having to stop in case enemy forces detected us.  Late evening - coming to the end of the patrol.
Sunday 29th Whit Sunday. At sea. Charged battery and finished patrol.  Went deep during morning to 186 listen [listen for ships] at great distances away.  Hoping to attack enemy convoy later!
Monday 30th At sea. Duty PO. Surfaced at 0815 and began a two day transit on the surface - much cooler now. Sea swell but not unpleasant. Resumed officer of the watch duties on the surface. 2115 met the guided missile destroyer HMS DEVONSHIRE.  Transferred mail and bread-mix she had brought from Subic Bay.
Tuesday 31st At sea. On surface all day. Good day all round really!  Spent a pleasant afternoon on bridge learning about officers duties.
Wednesday 1st June 1966 At sea. Dived at 0330 to re-commence exercises. 1800 still no ships sighted and again very boring. Due to surface for another two days.  Thank goodnesss!!
Thursday 2nd At sea. Pay day. Surfaced at 0200.  Again no ships  seen or attacked.  Began two days on the surface on passage.  Sighted coast line of south Vietnam during afternoon. Later saw U.S. Carrier U.S.S. INTREPID launching off aircraft to bomb north Vietnam. She sent a helicopter  across to find out who we were.  We were NOT paid!!
Friday 3rd At sea. Paid $165. Put clocks back 1 hour ready for BANGKOK.  Now behind Singapore - 6 hours behind UK BST.
Saturday 4th At sea. Dived at 0630 to continue last leg of exercise. Had Captain's rounds during forenoon.  Sighted ships towards late evening and attacked. We were not detected.
Sunday 5th At sea. Duty PO. Surfaced at 0630 and commenced our short journey to BANGKOK.  Met up with sister submarine ANDREW in late afternoon.  We both tried to borrow things from each other but we were both without food and beer.
Monday 6th 0645 picked up our pilot and commenced our approach up the very long and narrow entrance to BANGKOK, capital city of Thailand, formerly Siam. Arrived alongside in BANGKOK at 0930.  Moved into the RICH hotel during forenoon.  Beautiful place with swimming pool and air conditioning.  To a submariner, sheer luxury!
Tuesday 7th At BANGKOK. Went on a tour. Simply beautiful place with out of this world riches to see.  Everybody friendly but few speak English. Went swimming in afternoon.
Wednesday 8th At BANGKOK. Quiet day. Got up at 1030 and had breakfast in bed.  Had a swim and a couple of drinks.  Very expensive place.
Thursday 9th At BANGKOK. Duty PO. Did a substitute for the EA. Very quiet day. Sister submarine ANDREW left us at 1030 bound for Singapore- lucky men!
Friday 10th BANGKOK. Sailed from BANGKOK at 0920 in company with fellow submarine HMS OBERON.
Saturday 11th At sea. At 0200 put clocks forward hour.  Now Singapore time. Dived for 10 minutes at 0620.  Dived for 10 minutes at 1715.
Sunday 12th At sea. Dived at 0600 surfaced at 0645.  Sea rough to moderate.  5th Sunday away from our base.  Dived at 1805 surfaced at 1825.
Monday 13th At sea. Dived at 0605 for 10 minutes. Dived again at 0900 to commence new exercise with British/Australian /New Zealand warships.  Also aircraft both RAF and Navy. 2200 arrived Palau Tioman.
Tuesday 14th At sea. 0500 sailed from Palau Tioman and commenced new exercise at 1000.  Dived all day.  Surfaced at 2130.
Wednesday 15th At sea. Arrived Palau Tioman and anchored at 0100.  Sailed at 0900 and arrived exercise area at 1430.  Finished exercise at 2130.
Thursday 16th At sea. Pay day. Arrived Pulau Tioman at 0330.  Dived at 0545 to commence noise trials. No pay. Surfaced at 1200.  Remained surfaced for the rest of the day.  A very welcome break!!  Enjoyed afternoon sunshine.
Friday 17th At sea. Sailed from Palau Tioman at 0900.  Dived at 1330 for last exercise before Base and HOME.  Surfaced at 0430 enroute  for Base. Arrived Singapore at 2200.  Arrived home at 2330. Paid $160.
Saturday 18th At Singapore. Alongside new Depot ship HMS FORTH which arrived Singapore on 1st June. Duty PO. Nothing doing.  Met Beryl at swimming pool at 1545.  Took her and the boys home.  At 1745 received telegram saying that Aunty Ethel has passed away on this day.
Sunday 19th At Singapore. Home. Tried to arrange an indulgence passage for Beryl  to go home.  Sent signals to Admiralty.
Monday 20th At Singapore. Began maintenance period. Nothing heard from Admiralty re flight.  Started repairing equipment. Sent telegrams and wreaths from Beryl and I and the boys.
Tuesday 21st At Singapore.  Heard from Admiralty that aunty's funeral would be tomorrow.  Beryl would not be allowed home under the indulgence scheme.
Wednesday 22nd At Singapore. Aunty Ethel was buried today at 2030 our time 1500 UK time.
Thursday 23rd At Singapore. My car broke down.  Suspect gear box or clutch - won't go into 3rd gear.  Took it to local Chinese garage.
Friday 24th Midsummers Day. At Singapore. Duty PO. General maintenance.
Saturday 25th At Singapore. Got my car back from garage. Great deal of work done on gears.  Evidently no oil in gear box and so all chewed up and burnt.  Cost 142 dollars.
Sunday 26th At Singapore. Went to Church in morning. Afternoon Beryl drove car around island to gain experience.
Monday 27th At Singapore. Started one weeks patrol leave. A very welcomed rest away from SHOCKING WORKING CONDITIONS.
Tuesday 28th At Singapore. On leave.  Nice quiet day.
Wednesday 29th At Singapore. On leave. Beryl passed her Singapore highway code test.  Vicar came to our house to make final arrangements for christening. Went to submarine mess to see EA Nick Carter about a sub for tomorrow.
Thursday 30th At Singapore. Pay day. Duty PO but EA Nick Carter did my duty. On leave.
Friday 1st July 1966 At Singapore. On leave. Quiet and nice day.  Took family swimming in afternoon
Saturday 2nd At Singapore. On leave. Quiet and nice day. Collected christening cake.
Sunday 3rd At Singapore. Beryl's birthday. Phillip's christening at Singapore St Andrews Church Naval Base.  22 guests came to Church.  Phillip wore a little suit Aunty Ethel had made:  the last thing she made for the family.  Took Steven to a birthday party in afternoon while Beryl got ready  for christening party.
Monday 4th At Singapore. Back from leave. Was paid $210.  Started work on main aerials.
Tuesday 5th At Singapore. Went to RN School for 'attacking course'.
Wednesday 6th At Singapore. Duty PO. Beryl FAILED her driving test!
Thursday 7th At Singapore. Big internal defence exercise but didn't affect me!
Friday 8th At Singapore. Dived today off Base to test new and maintained gear.  Back alongside at 1130.  Home normal time.
Saturday 9th At Singapore. Squared everything off and ready for sea Monday.  Saw our new sea programme.  Not too bad up to September 8th.
Sunday 10th At Singapore. Very quiet day. Both Beryl and I a little off colour.
Monday 11th Sailed from Singapore at 0745.  Doing independant exercises. Dived at 1310. Sea calm. Temp a little lower than usual. Certain modifications to air conditioning this time in harbour.
Tuesday 12th At sea. Duty PO.  Carried out a surfaced gun shoot in afternoon. Evening commenced exercising with sister submarine AMPHION [newly commissioned].  Transferred two sick persons to a tug for passage to Singapore.  Surfaced at 1600.
Wednesday 13th At sea. Working with RN ships and RAF aircraft. Sea long swell. Dived at 1000. Late evening back with AMPHION.  Saw "Loneliness of the long distance Runner" movie
Thursday 14th At sea. Pay day. Surfaced at 1230.  Transfer took place between AMPHION and ourselves -  1 officer at 0200.  Carried on exercising with AMPHION.  0730 ANCHORED near small island of Palau Dayang.  No pay.
Friday 15th At sea. Sailed from Palau Dayang at 0630.  Continued with AMPHION.  She later had defects and had to improvise. Exercised with aircarft in afternoon from RAF CHANGI. Was paid $200.  Arrived Singapore at 2000.  Home by 2100
Saturday 16th At Singapore. Forenoon to work. Home by 1230. Evening went out in a sixsome. Nice time but the ladies were not impressed with driving on the way home!
Sunday 17th At Singapore. Spent lovely afternoon with friends at Kota Tinggi [Malayan mainland].  Had tea at the waterfalls there. Friends came to supper..  Beryl drove most of the way back in friends Ford Consul.  Very good really.
Monday 18th At Singapore. Duty PO. Quiet day. Sailed at midnight for torpedo trials.
Tuesday 19th At sea. Doing trials just off Singapore. Completed days trials at 1730.  Headed for Base to load more torpedoes.  Arrived Singapore at 2300.  Home by 2345.
Wednesday 20th At Singapore. Went shopping in afternoon. Beryl drove car..  Sailed at midnight for torpedo trials.
Thursday 21st At sea. Trials till tea time.  Then started exercising with HMS DIDO.  At 2245 HMS DIDO sent helicopter and we transferred our trials team enroute for Singapore.  Remained on surface all night.
Friday 22nd At sea. Dived at 0745 and exercised with HMS DIDO. Surfaced at 1130.  Arrived Singapore at 1650. Duty PO. Did sub in lieu of Sunday duty.
Saturday 23rd At Singapore. Home by 1230. Went swimming in afternoon. Evening friend of ours taken to BMH Singapore suffering from stomach pains.  Brought his wife back home.
Sunday 24th At Singapore. Duty PO but had sub. Afternoon went to BMH Singapore.  Evening went to Amah's market Sembawang Circus.  Home by 2230.  Choo baby -sat.
Monday 25th At Singapore. Normal working forenoon.  1330 sailed from HMS FORTH and dived in Johore Straits for special exercises.  Alongside at 1645.  Home by 1750.  Received birthday cards from mum/dad, Sue/Don.
Tuesday 26th At Singapore.  Continued exercises commenced yesterday.  Dived at 0830 - back alongside at 1245.  Had afternoon off - submarine went out again in afternoon.  Got postal orders for bank and P.U.B. [public utilities bill] and also for police fine!!!!! Brought friends wife back from BMH.
Wednesday 27th At sea. Sailed from Singapore at 1045 for torpedo trials in local areas.  Dived at 1330 finished trial at 1800. Carried out INDEX throughout the night. Received birthday cards from Brenda, Aunty Nell.  Been in the RN for 403,574,400 seconds!
Thursday 28th At sea. Pay day. Surfaced at 0830. Was paid $140.  1100 to 1210 fired gun at towed target.  1430 to 1600 exercised with HMS CHICHESTER. 1830 to 2000, as above.  INDEX all through the night.
Friday 29th At sea. Surfaced at 0700.  Commenced exercises with ships and aircraft and dived at 0800.  Surfaced at noon.  Afternoon carried out work on defects whilst on surface. 1630 dived again and started new exercises with different ships until 2100.  Started making our way back to Singapore.
Saturday 30th At seaArrived Singapore at 0700.  Chaplain of the Fleet walked around the submarine during morning.  Loaded more torpedoes.  Home by 1300. Went to BMH and took Steven.  Evening took Beryl and Wendy to Nee Soon Garrison cinema to see "Man from Uncle".
Sunday 31st At Singapore. Afternoon went to BMH.  Took Beryl and the kids to Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore. Steven loved it.  Sailed from base at midnight for Palau Tioman and special exercises.
Monday 1st August 1966. At sea. Arrived Palau Tioman area at 0930.  Dived at 0945.  Surfaced at 1700.  Anchored in Palau Tioman bay at 1800 for the night.
Tuesday 2nd At sea. Weighed and proceeded at 1400 to carry out trials.  We were late because the trials boat was delayed.  Same trials all week.  Anchored in Tioman Bay at 2100.
Wednesday 3rd At sea. Weighed and sailed at 0830 for trials.  Anchored again at at 1230.  Sailed at 1930 for night exercises.  Anchored at midnight.  Certain defects have come to light.
Thursday 4th At sea. Slipped at 0800 for trials. Finished at 2330 and anchored.
Friday 5th At sea. Sailed at 0815.  Anchored at 1230.  Sailed at 1900 and completed trials.  Headed for Singapore.  Put new wire aerial up for diving MFV [motor fishing vessel] who lost her whip aerial overboard.
Saturday 6th 4th wedding anniversary. Sea/Singapore. Duty PO. Arrived base at 1030. Normal working morning.  Started maintenance. Saw movie onboard "Rebel Hankock".
Sunday 7th At Singapore. Arrived home at 1100. Quiet day at home. Keith [out of BMH] and Wendy came round in evening.
Monday 8th At Singapore. Continuing maintenance.  Went to Nee Soon Garrison cinema - Rock Hudson and Leslie Caron in "DO ME A FAVOUR".
Tuesday 9th At Singapore. Day off. Singapore's first independance day.  Beryl PASSED her driving test. Went to Johore Bahru to collect her after her test.  Watched semi-final of world cup - W. Germany v Russia.
Wednesday 10th At Singapore. Beryl driving car on her own now.  Watched world cup final on TV.  Keith and Wendy came round for supper. Washed and started to polish car.
Thursday 11th At Singapore. Pay day. Put my travel claim in.  Moved from HMS FORTH across the dockyard to have defects repaired. MAJOR DEFECTS. Projected time to repairs - 30 days or more!
Friday 12th At Singapore. Duty PO. Quiet. Worked till late, then watched movie onboard. Sinartra and Tracey in "DEVIL AT 4 OCLOCK".  Not bad!
Saturday 13th At Singapore. Beryl went to Mick Stocks wedding.  I stayed at home with kids.
Sunday 14th At Singapore. Had Pat and Alec Boyling and their son Steven over for the day.  Afternoon drove to Botanic Gardens in Singapore. Keith and Wendy came too. Had nice time.  The kids loved the monkey's which play freely in the trees and come down when offered food.   Took Pat and Alec home and had dinner at the New Straits View hotel.
Monday 15th At Singapore. Moved into dry dock for hull inspection. Did substitute for EA Nick Carter for return sub on Wednesday 24th.
Tuesday 16th At Singapore. In dry dock.  Routine maintenance.
Wednesday 17th At Singapore. In dry dock. Started to strip and rebuild TCS - my small and standby radio transmitter.
Thursday 18th At Singapore. In dry dock
Friday 19th At Singapore. In dry dock
Saturday 20th At Singapore. In dry dock. Evening went down to Singapore.  Had dinner and wine in the Carol Inn.  Extremely nice place.
Sunday 21st At Singapore. In dry dock. Took Beryl and the boys to look at the submarine in dry dock.  Beryl drove from dockyard to Rotherham Gate, down Bukit Timah, Bukit Mandia and home via Nee Soon - a goodly journey.
Monday 22nd At Singapore.  In dry dock
Tuesday 23rd At Singapore. In dry dock
Wednesday 24th At Singapore. In dry dock.  Duty PO. EA Nick Carter did my sub. Was going to play cricket in afternoon  but rained off. Took Beryl to clinic. Beryl and Steven had a cholera jab. No after effects.
Thursday 25th At Singapore. In dry dock. Was paid $220.  Took a couple of lads to look around the submarine.  Pip said his first "da"!!!!!!!!
Friday 26th At Singapore.  In dry dock. Started 1 weeks leave. Evening went to Rimau [submariners mess] with Keith and Wendy to see movie "THE LION"
Saturday 27th At Singapore. In dry dock. Went into work in morning to finish off some small jobs.  Stayed at home in evening.
Sunday 28th At Singapore. On leave. Drove to sea coast hotel and caught boat across to Seletar Island.  Took picnic and had a fabulous day. Steven and Phillip went swimming.  Beryl got sun burnt and suffered!! Home by 1730.  Keith and Wendy came round for tea.
Monday 29th At Singapore.  Leave. Took Steven and Phillip to the Zoo in Johore Bahru.  Nearly all local animals including lizards, crocodiles, tigers, apes, monkeys etc.  Steven enjoyed himself. Evening went to see "SEND ME NO FLOWERS"  with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.
Tuesday 30th At Singapore. Leave. Beryl and Steven had second cholera jab.  Phillip had smallpox injection.
Wednesday 31st At Singapore. Leave. Spent a very pleasant day with Pat and Alec Boyling across at their home in Johore Bahru.  Home by 2000.  Boys straight to bed.  Phillip a little off colour due to his injection and teeth.
Thursday 1st September 1966 At Singapore. Leave. Went shopping in morning.  SHOCKING thunderstorm in the afternoon.
Friday 2nd At Singapore. Leave.  Had Maureen and John over in the evening.
Saturday 3rd At Singapore.  Leave ended.  Back to grindstone!! Came out of dry dock and berthed alongside in dockyard. Went to Nee Soon Garrison Warrant Officers Mess with Keith and Wendy, Margaret and Jimmy.
Sunday 4th At Singapore. Quiet day. Evening went to market and bought Steven's birthday present.
Monday 5th At Singapore. Dockyard. Duty PO
Tuesday 6th STEVEN'S BIRTHDAY [3rd]. At Singapore. Steven had many friends and presents at his party.  All enjoyed themselves and Beryl made a first class job of the organisation.
Wednesday 7th At Singapore.
Thursday 8th Pay day $180. At Singapore.
Friday 9th At Singapore
Saturday 10th At Singapore
Sunday 11th At Singapore. Duty PO
Monday 12th At Singapore
Tuesday 13th At Singapore
Wednesday 14th At Singapore
Thursday 15th At Singapore
Friday 16th At Singapore
Saturday 17th At Singapore
Sunday 18th At Singapore
Monday 19th At Singapore
Tuesday 20th At Singapore.  Moved from dockyard [repairs done] to alongside depot ship HMS Forth
Wednesday 21st  At Singapore. Went shopping in afternoon.  Bought Phillip a new push chair from Serangoon
Thursday 22nd At Singapore. Pay day. $180. Beryl went to fetch push chair in morning. Afternoon, took push [carrycot] frame to be re-sprayed and wheel hubs to be re-chromed.
Friday 23rd At Singapore. Did jigsaw in afternoon [Amsterdam] Pat and Alex called and had tea with us. We were going out but...........
Saturday 24th At Singapore.  Duty PO. Final square-off ready for sea. Quiet duty!
Sunday 25th At Singapore. Home by 1030.  Beryl came to meet me in car. John's car broke down so took mine with Beryl and Steve to Church. Afternoon - Drove to Singapore airport. Had an enjoyable afternoon watching planes landing.
Monday 26th At Singapore/Sea.  Sailed at 1100 for trials in local areas.
Tuesday 27th At sea. Exercising in south China sea. Hot and boring
Wednesday 28th At sea. Exercised with aircraft and sister submarine AMPHION.
Thursday 29th At sea. Exercising with sister submarine AMPHION.
Friday 30th At Sea/Singapore. Arrived base at 0215.  Duty PO. Worked late on defective aerial.
Saturday 1st October 1966 At Singapore. Home by 1400.  Afternoon sleeping. Evening went out to RNAS [Royal Naval Air Station] SIMBANG.  Met John and Maureen.  Had meal in the Crown [a restaurant near our home].
Sunday 2nd At Singapore. Went to Church.  Steven goes to Sunday school and loves it.  Not a bit scared!  Rained [monsoon season] in afternoon so didn't go out.
Monday 3rd At Sea.  Sailed from base at 0800
Tuesday 4th At sea/Singapore. Exercising. Arrived base at 2200.  Home by 2240
Wednesday 5th At Singapore.  Duty PO
Thursday 6th At Singapore. Pay day. Mr Mallalieu M.P. for the Navy arrived and we gave him a demonstration.  Spent afternoon at Alec's and Pat's .  Home by 1900
Friday 7th At Singapore. Preparing for annual inspection.  Wendy had her baby at 0730 - a little boy. Went into dry dock for leak repairs.
Saturday 8th At Singapore. Spent evening with friends of Pat and Alec.  Stayed the night at Pat's. Came out of dry dock and went for degaussing
Sunday 9th At Singapore. Home by 1130. Had Pat and Alec and Keith to lunch.
Monday 10th At Singapore. Final clear-up for inspection.  Home at 1730.  Beryl and kids not too well [colds].  Sold carrycot for $50.  Came back alongside mother ship HMS Forth.
Tuesday 11th At Singapore.  Captain Submarines inspected crew and submarine - verdict: VERY GOOD!  Home by 1230.
Wednesday 12th At Sea. Sailed from base at 0745 for exercises in local areas.
Thursday 13th At Sea. 13 years in the Royal Navy.   Local areas exercising.
Friday 14th At Sea/Singapore. Arrived base at 1315.  Home by 1430.
Saturday 15th At Singapore. Monsoon's - very wet. Evening, went round to Keith and Wendy's.
Sunday 16th At Singapore. Took Steven to see 'CANADIAN HELL DRIVERS' at Jalan Besar.  Steve loved it but show was spoilt by rain.
Monday 17th At Singapore. Harbour training. Bought Steve new shoes and Pip a high chair.  Steve started school at Nee Soon.
Tuesday 18th At Singapore/Sea. Morning harbour training.  Duty PO. Afternoon sailed for local areas for exercises at 1530.  Back alongside HMS MEDWAY at 2315.
Wednesday 19th At Singapore. Harbour training. Evening went to Simbang to see "Man from Uncle"
Thursday 20th Pay day. $150. At Singapore/Sea. Sailed from base at 0830. Returned base at 1300. Sailed for exercises with ships at 1700
Friday 21st At sea. Exercising with RN frigates and destroyers.  Arrived LOYANG at 2315. Stayed the night.
Saturday 22nd At LOYANG/Sea. Sailed Loyang at 0910 for exercises.  Arrived base [HMS MEDWAY]  at  1440. Home by 1500. Beryl met me in the car.
Sunday 23rd At Singapore. Morning Church, then took John and Maureen up to Rimau.  Evening went round to Wendy and Keith's then for a meal at the Crown and Anchor.
Monday 24th At Singapore/Sea. Sailed at 0730 - came back alongside  at 1200 - sailed again at 1300 for exercises.
Tuesday 25th At Sea.  Local exercises.  Extremely boring.
Wednesday 26th At Sea. Exercising.
Thursday 27th At Sea.  Exercising.
Friday 28th At Sea/Singapore. Exercising.  Arrived base at 1600.  Home by 1700.
Saturday 29th At Singapore. Afternoon did more Xmas shopping.!!!!Evening went out with Keith and Wendy
Sunday 30th At Singapore. Duty PO. Beryl took Steven to circus.  Then came down submarine for an hour or so. Quiet duty.
Monday 31st At Singapore/Sea. Sailed base at 0900 to start sea inspection.
Tuesday 1st November 1966 At Sea. Sea inspection.
Wednesday 2nd At Sea. Sea inspection.
Thursday 3rd At Sea. Pay day $150. Sea inspection.
Friday 4th At Penang.  Arrived Penang 0900 with destroyer HMS DIANA.  Living ashore at Sandycroft.
Saturday 5th At Penang. Duty PO Had meals on DIANA
Sunday 6th At Penang. Had Chief and Petty Officer's run ashore.
Monday 7th At Penang. Had ships company run ashore.  Was back onboard by 2300.
Tuesday 8th At Sea. Sailed from Penang at 0800.  Exercising.
Wednesday 9th At Sea. Exercising
Thursday 10th At sea. Exercising
Friday 11th At Sea/Singapore. Arrived base at 1115. Duty PO. Beryl and boys came down boat in afternoon.  Met Beryl in HMS TERROR at 2000 for supper.
Saturday 12th At Singapore. Home by 1230. Beryl met me. Evening went out with Keith and Wendy.
Sunday 13th At Singapore. Went to Church. Went out out with Keith and Wendy but got separated on way to seaside.   Ruined the day especially for Steven who had been promised somewhere to use his bucket and spade.  Had cooked tea at Crown and Anchor.
Monday 14th At Sea. Sailed from base at 0830 for exercises.
Tuesday 15th At Sea/Singapore. Exercising. Arrived base at 1930. Home by 2100
Wednesday 16th At Singapore
Thursday 17th At Singapore. Pay day. Duty PO
Friday 18th At Singapore
Saturday 19th At SingaporeDepot ship HMS FORTH arrived back from Australia.
Sunday 20th At Singapore
Monday 21st At Singapore.  Harbour training.
Tuesday 22nd At Singapore.  Sailed at midnight
Wednesday 23rd At Sea. Duty PO
Thursday 24th At Sea.  Arrived base at midnight
Friday 25th  At Singapore. Trial evaluations
Saturday 26th At Singapore
Sunday 27th At Singapore
Monday 28th At Singapore
Tuesday 29th At Singapore. Duty PO
Wednesday 30th At Singapore.  Onboard comms training
Thursday 1 December 1966 At Singapore. Pay day.  Started maintenance
Friday 2nd At Singapore - maintenance
Saturday 3rd At Singapore - maintenance
Sunday 4th At Singapore - maintenance
Monday 5th At Singapore - maintenance - Duty PO
Tuesday 6th At Singapore - maintenance - Duty PO
Wednesday 7th At Singapore - maintenance
Thursday 8th At Singapore - maintenance
Friday 9th At Singapore - maintenance
Saturday 10th At Singapore - maintenance
Sunday 11th At Singapore - maintenance
Monday 12th At Singapore - maintenance - Duty PO
Tuesday 13th At Singapore - maintenance
Wednesday 14th At Singapore - maintenance - Pay day
Thursday 15th At Singapore - maintenance
Friday 16th At Singapore - maintenance
Saturday 17th At Singapore - maintenance
Sunday 18th At Singapore - maintenance.  Phillips first birthday xxxxxxxxxx
Monday 19th At Singapore - maintenance
Tuesday 20th At Singapore - maintenance
Thursday 22nd At Singapore - Leave
Friday 23rd At Singapore - Leave
Saturday 24th At Singapore - Leave - Christmas Eve
Sunday 25th  At Singapore - Leave - CHRISTMAS DAY.
Monday 26th At Singapore - Leave - BOXING DAY
Tuesday 27th At Singapore - leave 
Wednesday 28th At Singapore - leave
Thursday 29th At Singapore - back from leave - Duty PO
Friday 30th At Singapore - normal working morning
Saturday 31st At Singapore - down boat in morning for a noggin!! Leave
Sunday 1st January 1967 At Singapore - NYD - Leave



January 177 744 23.8
February 307 672 45.7
March 576 744 77.45
April 96 720 13.35
May 461 744 62.03
June 209 720 29.0
July 251 744 33.75
August 130 744 17.54
September 99 720 13.77
October 255 744 34.31
November 239 720 33.23
December - 744 0
TOTAL 2803 8760 32.0
NOTE: IN 1967 we spent 3966 hours at sea = 45.15%