Yours aye

"Yours aye" is a much used naval expression of a fraternal farewell or conclusion to a written correspondence or missive.

However, for some inexplicable reason it is nearly always used as "Yours Aye" and I often wonder why given...........

..........that it is common knowledge, when concluding other written matter, one uses a lower case letter in the final word conveying your trustworthiness or level of intimacy.

For example we use words like 'faithfully' - 'sincerely'  - 'truly' - 'assuredly' - 'always' - 'affectionately' - 'till the end of the world' - 'obediently' - after the word 'Yours', so please, next time, type "Yours aye" for it follows the same rule.

Good luck and good sailing

Yours aye

etc etc