Any ideas on these ?



Japanese certainly.  Something to do with OUR Navy?  Yes.

Warships of every nation, apart from being called 'HER', had/have Names [of course] Pennant Numbers and International Callsign's.

Does that help ?

I can tell you with confidence that they are not numbers so it rules out Pennant Numbers.

Does that help ?

Names then, but with just two 'statements' hardly likely, given that in WW2 we had approximately 650'odd ships on the books of the Admiralty.

So, it has to be International Callsign's then ?








Yes, is the answer.

Block 1 above says that callsigns in the series GAA to GZZ [meaning GAAA to GZZZ] belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Block 2 above says the same thing as does Block 1 except the series is MAA to MZZ [MAAA to MZZZ].