What a strange thing to have in common.

What do the following NAVAL things have in common?

Give in ?

Well, each has a four letter radio callsign using a SINGLE letter of the alphabet.

Tactician GGGG
Vardholm LLLL
Puerto Rico WWWW
Tachkent RRRR

Talking about names and callsigns/callnames, in the UK we hear the BBC, meaning the British Broadcast Corporation, spoken, but in China you would listen to it in morse code for BBC is the radio callsign of Shanghai radio station.

Callsigns are in great demand and there are not enough letters of the alphabet to give each "maritime" nation its own unique letter, so some letters have to be shared between nations. Above, I have mentioned the Norwegians using the letter 'L'.  The Argentine also uses the letter 'L' and since we are on it, you might like to know that the radio callsign of the General Belgrano was LORH.

Take care.