This interesting piece of data, produced here as a snippet, is an integral part of my studies into the effects of WW1, over and above the obvious !

Shortage of men and excess of women

According to this website, I have highlighted some comparison with today in 2015.

From the 'shortage of.....'file above, you will have seen that there were 373 people per square mile in the UK in the year 1913.

Comparing that with other European countries of a similar or larger size to that of the UK in 2015, we have:-

UK - population 64,596,800 {25th June 2015}, 693 people per square mile, getting on for nearly double the 1913 figure.
{UK - population of my village 880 - 183 people per square mile}.

Germany - population 82,422M - 609 people per square mile.

France - population 60,876M - 289 people per square mile.

Italy - population 58,133M - 512 people per square mile.