In each and every year a report on the HEALTH OF THE NAVY is compiled and submitted to Their Lordships. This report covers the year  .

It is a bulky report many pages thick, which covers every aspect of illness, disease, accident, injuries caused at work, injuries caused by violence against the person, deaths from medical conditions, from falling off motor bikes, from choking on ones own vomit, from suicide etc, and discharges from the Navy to civilian life because of incapacity. However it is not as interesting as these titles suggest, and it 'plays' with numbers and not names or ranks/rates of the men involved. It does, as one might expect, reflect the weaknesses of the body and our vulnerability to death and disease. The report could so easily be that on the health of the inhabitants of a small town, albeit, all of them male, and in some obvious ways, it  makes the report a little less comprehensive on human failings/failures: women also have failings but they are not listed in this report!

Nevertheless, it does show all the shore establishments and ships from every part of the globe, indicating the number of sick, injured, and those committed  to hospital. It also shows the average complement of each ship and establishment, and that in itself is very interesting. It is these pages which I have copied from the document along with the front cover of the report.

The abbreviated report is sent to you in PDF format which you can find here  1936 sick lists.pdf  but before you open it, just a few observations. To help you navigate the PDF file, I have prepared on 'off screen' script which you can find in this WORD.DOC file [click here]. Open it and then print it.  Then open the PDF and look at the .DOC file for a couple of steerage points.

Keep well and don't be a statistic of some organisation's "Health of" !