Written pre-empting the discussion and the Scottish vote for total and unreserved Independence.  See bottom of page added 20th March 2017!

The Scots may change a Good Union [which I abbreviate to 'gunion' although there is no such word in the OED] into a Bad Union [a bunion] where the painful swelling on their feet will be caused, not by excessive pressure when a bursa forms over one of the tarsal or metatarsal articulations, but by shooting themselves in the foot!  There are of course many issues in choosing independence, too many to discuss here, so I will limit my comments to getting ready to change the Union Flag of the UK should they eventually opt out. However,  I find the whole exercise of opting out mind-blowing for it truly beggars belief. The UK is "mega-rich" in every conceivable department: history, science, arts, engineering,  poetry, medicine, innovators, military, exploration, discoverers, business, captains of industry, authors, novelist, painters, benefactors, philanthropists, inventors, seafarers, horticulturalists, teachers, humanities, enough heroes to fill every book in a library of a lesser major country and all these attributes in abundance in every corner of the United Kingdom coming from Scots, Welsh, Irish and English people, so why on earth would one want to leave this able, versatile and cultured society for the unknown, a society which the world at large holds in awe and envy, a role model for all that is good in mankind and human relationships.   

Let's remind ourselves of what the Union Flag was all about and how it was constructed.

The original National Flag of England was the Banner of St George to which the banner of St Andrew united by Royal Proclamation dated 12th April 1606 was added. By an Order in Council, dated 17th April 1707, pursuant to the Act uniting England and Scotland, the Flag of 1707 was approved.  In 1660 when Charles II was restored to the Throne [The Restoration], his brother James, Duke of York [later King James II] issued instructions that the Union Flag would in future be worn only by the King's ships, forward in the ship on the bowsprit, henceforth to be called a Jack, after King James I his grandfather, who always signed his name as Jacques, the French spelling of Jack.

The flags/banners below you will be familiar with, but we will use the first three only. Note, not necessarily to scale.

St George's Banner St Andrew's Scottish Saltire St Patrick's Irish Saltire St David's Banner


This was the Union Flag in 1707 This was the Union Flag post 1801 to the present day

To construct the post 1801 Union Flag from the first three banners/flags above, required some amendments to the St George's Banner and the Irish Saltire with the Scottish Saltire used unaltered and the first Flag used in the construction as a background. The St George's Banner was outlined on a white background cut tight to all sides of the Banner except to the top, bottom, left and right ends, i.e., into each quadrant. The Irish Saltire was stripped of its fullness and instead of the Irish Saltire shown above being used, this one below was the amended version. The reason for this was that when laid over the Scottish Saltire [the background Flag] the red cross of the Irish Saltire would not obliterate the white cross of St Andrew. By doing this amendment it also created the broad white stripe in the top left hand quadrant [the flag pole side in this case] and this is important because it is used as a guide to flying or wearing the Flag as intended, and not upside down as would be the case were the flag pole to be on the right hand side. An upside down Union Flag is a sign of distress, or plain ignorance of the issues involved.

Finally, to complete the Union Flag, the white etched St George's Banner is laid over the image above producing this version of the Flag, which comes from 1900 and was used by HMS Powerful in the Boer War.

For those of my readers who do not understand how the United Kingdom works, and be assured, the UK covers us all in the British Isles whereas the expression Great Britain doesn't and for this purpose should not be used. Great Britain, includes mainland Britain only, and currently that's England, Scotland and Wales.  When Northern Ireland is added,  the whole becomes the UK: so UK it is from hereonin.

I have shown above the Banner of St David Patron Saint of Wales, but, it is not the official flag/banner of Wales and it is rarely used for that purpose. The official badge of Wales is their famous Red Dragon shown here below. Wales is not a country as England is for example, and for the main part, English and Welsh law runs as one dictated from Parliament. It is a Principality, and the Monarch appoints his or her eldest son to be The Prince of Wales. No other country in the UK has its own appointed/anointed senior royal for of course, The Prince of Wales is the heir to the Throne as I write this article, but things are changing to a system where first born [so possibly a girl] will become heir to the Throne and rightly so. Now the Union Flag is famous throughout the world and is well known for its red, white and blue colours/pattern representing its constituent countries. Many other countries have red white and blue Flags and most make sense [the USA and Norway are good examples], but some do not make sense, and chief of these is the French Tricolour where the colour WHITE represents Royalty and Nobility amongst other subjects, but they got rid of their Royalty in the French Revolution back in the 18th century so that part of their Flag is way out of date


If Scotland were to become independent and therefore leave the UK [but one assumes that they will still be in the Commonwealth] then the colour BLUE will have to be taken out of the Union Flag and to my way of thinking be replaced by the colour GREEN as in the Welsh National Flag. If Scotland leaves, then Wales should be elevated into becoming a country as Scotland was within the UK - she deserves that, and to my mind that status is long overdue. The Welsh National Flag, itself red, white and green, will fit nicely into the new Flag adding its Green to England and Northern Irelands red and white. In designing my new Union Flag without the Scots onboard, I have toyed with the idea of using the Ulster Flag for Northern Ireland, but it is too much like St George's Banner so I will stick with the historic Irish Saltire. This then is my idea of how the new UK will look to the outside world much tidied up of course and more professionally drawn. By the way, I am not from Wales; I am an Englishman and I am a passionate believer in the UK as a whole, and Scotland's misguided decision [were it to come to fruition] could, and should be, to the full advantage of Wales. The flagpole is still over to the left, although there could be no possible chance of the Flag being flown upside down. However, the second senior Country in the UK, Northern Ireland, takes upper left quadrant {if you want, in place of the old broad stripe} with the Welsh Dragon uppermost on the fly with other State icons completing the symmetry. The Royal Crown is not part of St George's Banner but overlays the whole Flag, symbolic that Her Majesty's Reigns over all nations represented on the UK Flag. The National Anthem would remain as it is and no doubt Scotland would choose its own National Anthem.

This new Union Flag would of course be integrated into the top left hand quadrant of the White Ensign and into all other maritime ensigns. Indeed, every flag/banner would be altered to incorporate this new Union Flag post Scottish Independence.  Moreover, countries which have become independent over the many years past and which have incorporated the old Union Flag into their county's Flag/Banner, might now take the opportunity to design a new Flag/Banner for their country as indeed Canada did when it adopted the Maple Leaf. Australia and New Zealand in particular could actually do the same as the Canadians did and yet maintain their Membership of the Commonwealth without the need to be overtly royalist. As for the Scots post Independence, their tiny coastal navy will have to find a new Ensign [as well as a Jack {National Flag/Banner}of course] because the Russian Navy use a device very similar to the Scottish Saltire.

If independence is chosen by the Scots, the British Parliament consisting of English, Welsh and Northern Irish MP's only, would have to be very positive about what true independence means for them. There would be no hand-outs to Scotland from the UK; no subsidies; no preferential dealings or favours, and all jobs in the Public Sector which affect south of the border, must be done by those living south of the border paying UK taxes, and not by the Scottish work force. There would be no requirement for Scottish troops to be stationed on UK Territories nor UK troops to be stationed in Scotland, and just think, with no Scots Guards Regiment in the UK, the tunic's buttoned in three's can be given to the Irish Guards and their buttoned in four's to the Welsh Guards who would ditch their buttoned in five's and make way officially and permanently for the Gurkha Regiment in such ceremonies as Trooping the Colour to act as the fifth Guard on parade.  This would involve the Clyde bases and the Rosyth facilities being relocated in the UK and could lead to bases like Chatham reopening. Portsmouth and Devonport would welcome the work taken from north of the border, and were they to accept it, there are suitable places in Wales which could take over from Coulport and Faslane - Milford Haven for example and ports/areas along the south coast like Swansea, Barry and Cardiff. Who could ever doubt, that given the right investment, the shipyards of Belfast could so easily do the same job as that done currently in Rosyth. Belfast has the space, the engineering expertise could be revived or imported, and her ship building/ship repair credentials are historically impeccable.  All good jobs and potential markets for good loyal UK workers. UK air stations north of the border would be similarly relocated to the UK and they too would be welcome with open arms replacing those RAF stations closed in the last few years or so.

Moreover, what about the words to the song "There'll always be an England? That the Scots will have gone, and for us, the English, to be yet another foreign country, poses a problem because of the song's mention of "RED, WHITE and BLUE". Having ditched the BLUE of the St Andrews Cross, the song will have to be slighly altered, but NOT re-written. Think of the words of that song and its explicit reference to Britain [Britons]. Scotland will no longer be part of Britain, belonging by popular vote to Europe, not part of Britain or Scandinavia or, because of its geographical position, the European Continent. Where then? I would suggest as part of Iceland [with their baggage, the Shetlands and the Orkneys] for they too are manifestly anti English/British as shown in the recent banking  crisis and before that, the fishing-limit crisis. First then, for TRUE Englishmen, Caucasian bred and born, the words of OUR song, sung much to the ENVY of the Scots.

1. There'll always be an England while there's a country lane
2. Wherever there's a cottage small beside a field of grain
3. There'll always be an England, while there's a busy street
4. Wherever there's a turning wheel , a million marching feet
5. Red, White and Blue, what does it mean to you?
6. Surely you're proud, shout it aloud, Britons awake
7. The Empire too, we can depend on you, freedom remains, these are the chains nothing can break
8. There'll always be an England and England shall be free
9. If England means as much to you as England means to me
10. Red, White and Blue
11. What does it mean to you?
12. Surely you're proud, shout it out aloud
13. Britons awake
14. The Empire too we can depend on you, freedom remains these are the chains nothing can break
15. There'll always be an England and England shall be free
16. If England means as much to you as England means to me.

Now for the rewrite. In line 5 - change to read: Red, White and Green [see above to the Welsh Dragon Flag]
In line 10 - as above.

Simple, and in one move, we ditch the Jocks and embrace the Taffs.

We could all say much more, but this is enough for now until their vote, thought to take place in 2013. If King Alec were to win the day and convince his countrymen to vote to leave the UK, I think that they will rue the day when it happens. I think that the hundreds of thousands of Scots living and working in the UK outside Scotland will be better off by far in the long run than their peers staying loyal to King Alec. I remember well [because I was stationed in UK submarines in Canada at the time] when the Canadians were quick to drop the title RCN [Royal Canadian Navy] and drop the RCN White Ensign in favour of the Maple Leaf. Their armed forces [including the old RCN] became known as CF [Canadian Forces] followed by the qualifier Navy, Air Force and Army. The are now back to being called the RCN and their sailors are back to being proud of their Service once more. I don't want to see Scotland leave the family, nor do I believe that Scots want to see this happen, but we must be prepared, especially for the new flag which will fly without their Colours, this after over 300 years of giving us the famous Blue in the red, white and blue National Flag.


P.S. All above, I wrote in 2012. Since that time, now 2014, whilst researching for more interesting things about the UK particularly about certain high-profile IRA leaders and their murderous ways in the 70's {the initials JA come to mind}, I came across this article about what the SNP were doing 38 years ago in 1976. I was a naval warrant officer in 1979 at the time of Lord Mountbatten's heinous murder and funeral, and for a short period, was accommodated in Chelsea Barracks hosted by the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guards for his Royal Ceremonial Funeral in September 1979. I cannot imagine the Household Division without the Scots Guards, and to suggest [through Scottish eyes/voters] that they would be foreigners to what remained of the UK were Scotland to vote 'YES', is too hard a thought to bear, for them, the Scots, and for me a typical [perhaps quintessential] Brit. I can't readily say that I love the Jock's, but I can and will go on record to say that I have an everlasting admiration for them as a loyal and up-front fighting faction, willing always, to be Brit's first and Scot's second, just like any other regiment or Service [navy and air force] of the British armed forces. However, they did once' blot their copybook' and some, which no other British Army Regiment has ever done, which doubted their loyalty to the Crown, and pointed out that some Scottish soldiers did not understand the Army Rules laid manifest in the Queen Regulations for the Army and the Army Discipline Act. This from The Times 5th April 1963.

Further comments on the reliability of the Scots are frequent in the British Press like this one for example from the 4th August 1978.

Mind you, and in fairness, THE premier warship builder, Vickers of England of course, also had a strike, and this one affected the build of our first nuclear submarine Dreadnought. It was in 1961 as this article shows:-

Let's now look at a report from the respected broadsheet newspaper 'The Times' from 1976. There is no need for an introduction for all is self evident, although I do feel then as now, that all this is 'pie in sky' suggesting an embryonic nation with a huge ego! The referendum is I believe open to all Scots who actually live in Scotland, including sixteen year olds whose fathers weren't born when this was mooted back in 1976!


and finally, I couldn't resist this. Just wish I knew the author for I would be delighted to credit him with the cartoon - brilliant and so relevant.

They appear not to have taken account of opening doors on trains?


Funny how SOME words like Salmond, Sturgeon, SNP, Shit-Stirers, subversive, seditious all begin with the letter 'S',

 whilst other words like SCOTLAND, SALTIRE and SCOTTISH are not included in this list, they being superlatives.

Come on you REAL Scot's, vote down [out] the madness of the destructive SNP.  Remember 'S' also stands for Suicide! Scot's have fought alongside the English against a common enemy in Great Wars, and we are willing to fight with and for YOU against another destructive and perfidious enemy, this time the SNP.  If the SNP is allowed to achieve their stated goal, then be assured that the Balmoral Estate will not long afterwards be in the hands of some foreign investor after having been  put up for sale by Crown Estates, and Holyrood will be luxury apartments; that might also be a fitting time when you send back to Royal/Loyal England, the former Royal Yacht Britannia. Despite what the "clever lawyers and constitutionalists" might say, there is no precedent nor will there ever be, for our monarch to have a Royal Household in a foreign country, and if the SNP has their way, foreign you will be!

Scotland, you are BRAVE and you should show the world that proven bravery, bravery won largely by the sword. Now prove that the pen is mightier than the sword on some occasions, and through the ballot box, this is one of them!

The word 'Scotland' could be used as an acronym for:
Scotland - Country - Of - Total - Loyalty - And - National - Duty

as we, the English inter alia, are also bound to the United Kingdom in fiefdom and Duty.

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