Jack's Speak has many short comings manifest in errors and omissions.

I can well remember my first ship HMS Tintagel Castle which was based on Portland in the Second Training Flotilla which I joined on the 5th February 1955 after fifteen months of training in HMS Ganges.

Our elderly Yeoman had some naval sayings which always amused us, but most of the time, we took his saying with a pinch of salt. One of them I recall, was "boiled oil shops".  Was this a Janner thing [west country] or a universally known naval thing? "Naval thing of course" came the answer, and he explained that to make gin, the Juniper was boiled to release its oil. Thus, a "boiled oil shop" was a place which sold gin [and of course other alcoholic drinks too] and was used by Jack in WW2 [and probably before] for the common word of "pub"......or, going ashore and getting legless!   It isn't mentioned in Jack's Speak.

1955 was long ago, 56 long years ago, but that saying and others is still in my memory bank. Imagine therefore my utter surprise when the other day [2011], whilst browsing through a 1950's naval magazine, I came across Jan's saying of "boiled oil shop", and blow me down, it is true.  This rather poor quality photograph shows our ships on the Mole at Gibraltar and note the title beneath.

The photograph was part of this article below, and the reference to "boiled-oil base" could have referred to the many pubs on the Rock, but equally to the Gin Factory which was based in Andalusia just across the Spanish/Gibraltar border, and in those days there were no restrictions for sailors wandering off the Rock. As you will read in the following file, HMS Eagle {in which I served before 1958 when this was written} had the proverbial problem with sailors who had had too much to drink.

HMS EAGLE 1958.pdf

I am going to re-start this trend by using the expression "boiled oil shop" when I go to my village pub for a double G&T as a chaser!

For the sceptics amongst you, I have subsequently found a reference to 'boiled oil shop' in a book on sale with Amazon called " 'Jolly Jack' Dunn 1923-2004" edited by Peter Gripton in paper back.  This is an extract of the book:-