King EDWARD VIII who abdicated in favour of his brother King George VI

Edward VIII would have been King by divine rights following on from his father King George V but he was never crowned, in fact his scheduled  coronation day, long in the planning, was not wasted but was used instead for his brother King George VI. Edward was King in name only for just 326 days.  Little was published about him as regards the Royal Navy and it might well be that this document is unique although that is not known for certain!

A UK Magazine published at the start of King Edward VIII's reign in 1936 to show off the Royal Navy to the general public.

Sadly, the magazine is extremely fragile so scanning and publishing  it here may save it for posterity for the 21st century after 75 years of existence.

The magazine covers all aspects and operations of the Royal Navy except Dockyards, so I have chosen to show you just a few items about personnel matters and training matters/training establishments, leaving the materiel subjects for another day.

The following page references refer to the pages of the pdf file below.

Page 1 is the front cover to the magazine now very worn and tatty, but deary me, can you see what is wrong ? The Union Jack is flying upside down !
Page 2 starts the Training Section for all newly entered personnel.
Page 5 have a look out for the expression WART ! Very few will be au fait with this naval expression.
On page 6 there is a picture of a Ganges mess.  It was taken in the days when boy's ate in their messes and I have describe the scene fully in a file called "Ganges Food" which can be found on this page CLICK HERE .
Page 8 covers Flag Signalling.icle
Page 10 the Pay.
Page 12 Welfare of the lower deck.
Page 13/14 covers badges and insignia of the Royal Navy.



THE KING'S NAVY 0F 1936.pdf