Need I say more?

 Parliament UK

Early day motion 264



That this House notes the loss of three inflatable rubber tanks from the RAF training areas in Mid Wales and the failure to find these tanks for approximately a month since they disappeared; notes that this loss will cost the RAF a sum of 26,682 to replace them; regards this latest military mishap as one of a series involving the armed forces in expensive security failures, including the bombing of the aircraft carrier `Ark Royal' by mistake on 20th April 1992 by Royal Navy jets on exercise, incurring 60,000 in repair costs; believes that these incidents demonstrate the failure of the armed forces to provide adequate security for their own property and that this undermines the credibility of the national defence strategy to defend the nation against the perceived continued threat from the former Soviet Union; and calls upon Her Majesty's Government to initiate an urgent review of the competence of the senior command of the armed forces.

Well, well, and I thought that we fish-heads were expensive couldn't care less merchants! Just imagine our skipper mistaking the ARK for say, the "25TH OF MAY*" [or Hermes or Invincible] and instead of 'bombs' fired a 'tin fish' at her?

* For the youngsters amongst you, the 25th of May is the English interpretation of the Argentine 'Veinticinco de Mayo' which was a carrier with the prefix ARA meaning an Argentine RA Warship, or put more succinctly, a ship which didn't like going to sea and rarely did so, because its crew were mainly RA's [Rationed Ashore - living with their families].  On the other hand, the ARA General Belgrano, a hapless ship, meant Argentine [or  Argentina] 'RARA AVIS' Latin for something prodigious, prodigious meaning big and powerful, and thus threatening, indeed, a great threat to our boys down south, and one which we fish-heads nullified with a tin-fish. So, for this page if no other, the score is - fly boys NIL, fish heads 100. Good night.