As you will have seen, the internet [and other media] is carrying many pages about the forthcoming 60th Anniversary of the ending of World War 2. Just about every town, city, borough and organisation will celebrate alongside the national celebration, to thank and honour the men and women who saved our country from tyranny. We do this every day [in our hearts] but it is nice and good to see the true British spirit coming to the fore once again to do it in public.

Many events will take place on the correct day[s], namely VE Day the 8th May 1945 {celebration Saturday and Sunday the 7th and 8th May} and VJ Day on 2nd September 1945 {celebrations Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th September}.

For practical reasons however, nationally we celebrate both days together in London on the 10th July {celebrations Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th July}.  Arithmetically the 10th July is more or less equidistant between VE and VJ Days proper the two being separated by 118 days, which brings the mid-date to the 5th July, a Tuesday, so the event is scheduled for the end of that week. All good stuff and I am looking forward to it.

To all of us, fighting and killing [or being killed] is WAR, and when WAR is over, we expect no further fighting or killing to take place. However, when the shooting stops, the war [now in lower casing] does not, for there is much to be done before the repercussions are known and fully understood; reparations for the defeated are agreed by the victors; trials are concluded and punishments carried out for the war criminals, and infrastructures are in place to protect the innocent [??] civilian populations of the defeated enemies from further suffering and harsh privations.

Bearing the latter in mind, and temporarily choosing to ignore the day/dates of celebrations as shown above, you may be surprised to learn that the YEAR is wrong [!], premature by SIX [6] years. 

Research into Government papers reveals that Britain and her Allies OFFICIALLY declared war with Germany to be OVER on the

and that the WAR years were recorded OFFICIALLY as being from the

making it OVER ELEVEN YEARS in duration.

The authorities got the 10th July right <this year> but keep your eye on the same date in the year 2011 !This is your authority to relate this story to others