Islam! Has the faith always bred butchers and murders?

If you ever bother to read the databases of broadsheets, you might be amazed to learn that the middle east, and specifically the country of Syria is no stranger to cold-blooded murder as well as hot-blooded killings when fighting in terrorists groups.  Indeed, has it ever stopped? I could have chosen many stories over the years to affront your sensitivities, but instead I have chosen this story from 155 years ago published in 1860 at the time when Islamic Wahhabism was been conceived.

Before I show that story, the evil story of the IS and its brutal, cruel, sadistic modus operandi is discussed almost continuously in all sections of society today, and I am regularly amazed that ISism is thought of as as a new type of barbaric Islamic religion, often referred to by non-Muslims as '12th Century Islam'. The truth is that it is a basic sunni Islam culture which started, not in the 12th century, or indeed in 610* AD our calendar, when Muhammad, at the age of 40, began secretly preaching his vision of a new religion which coincided with the Fall of Rome and the Christianisation of Ireland, Scotland and the North of England - the Muslim calendar, the Hijri is grossly over complicated, our year of 2015 for example being the Muslim year of 1436* - when the junior of the three main faiths Islam, started - but in our late 18th century when the Islamic religion became know either as Wahhabism or Salafism was adopted which is the sunni religion.

* in our 1436 King Henry VI was on the throne and we were fighting the 100 years war.
* in our 610  Wales and Scotland had their Kings, and we in England had several Kings each ruling a section of the country like for example Mercia and Wessex.

Continuing Wahhabism/Salafism. An Arabian Islam scholar call Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab [1706-1792] claimed that the Islamic Holy Book the Qur'an, was not being faithfully followed by Muslims.  He therefore set about reinforcing Muhammad's rules to correct the lapses, many severe, in the conduct of the religion. He, being a sunni Muslim and living in Arabia which in 1830, with the family of the House of Saud, became Saudi Arabia, set the 'adherence doctrine' as having been established in Saudi Arabia and to strict sunni principles. The strict adherence is exercised in ultra-austere  Saudi Arabia today and that exact same adherence is being used by the IS, albeit with more venom than is exercised in and from Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia. Since this time [1830] Saudi Arabia [who are our friends and ally ????] have spread their form of Islam [sunni] around the world as we are all aware of to our dismay, and in reality what the IS are doing is not totally frowned upon by the Saudi Royal Family, a family which totally and completely rules the roost and sets the Islamic standards! The Saudi's set the standard which the perverted IS are enforcing. That regrettably, is the long and the short of the current middle east dire situation. The Saudi's are grateful that the Islamic standards are being reinforced, but they are not willing to acknowledge that it is being done in their name, and moreover fear that the Saudi Islamic culture will be supplanted by the IS culture, with the IS Genie refusing to go back into the Saudi Islamic lamp. Currently few countries are bombing IS assets under the leadership of the USA, but eventually, many tens more countries will be joining in under the leadership of the United Nation banner.

Today Iraq is infested with IS terrorists, and it is a plain case of Islam fighting Islam, sunni against shia, hated enemies.

Of course we in the UK have recently experienced Christian against Christian, protestants against Catholics with hatred personified, and for hundreds of years in centuries past, continental Europe, a homogeneous  Popeish-led catholic community, fought the British Isles when its monarch was a non-Catholic, except in one case, when our Catholic monarch {Henry VIII} had personal designs which ran foul of his spiritual leaders ideas of propriety, making the Pope very angry, so Henry opted out and started his own religion.  When the monarch was a catholic the masses within were persecuted by the crown, and when a protestant monarch [even the newly declared Anglican monarch], the minority Catholics went to ground in hiding and were hunted like dogs, declared persona non grata, along with the Pope, believed to be the devil incarnate; and at the same time their churches/monasteries were closed and pulled down rather like the IS is destroying mosques of liberal Islam's and shrines of national importance. So, nothing new in religious wars, so much so, that many would claim that all wars throughout the ages have been caused by religion, or, perversely, by countries  whose leaders scoff at the very idea of religion as we see it, unless avarice, rape, plunder and subjugation can be classed as religions, as in the case of Nazi Germany, Lenin and Stalin, and of course Japan's civil and military leaders, although Bushido was followed by military men almost as a religion, whilst Shintoism was practised by some civilians in Japan.  We wont go into the lives of those bastions of purity, love and tolerance of all things, namely the likes of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Adolph's role-model, Attila the Hun.   

   Iran, a Muslim non-Arab country, is, along with Muslim Saudi Arabia [Arab] and the US lead consortium of air strikes [of which some partakers are Muslim Arabs and others like the UK not so] are all fighting the IS terrorists - although the Saudi's are mainly bombing shia muslim's in the Yemen. This is nothing new in recent history, and well before these middle east wars occupied every media slot around the world on a 24 hour basis, you may recall the terrible war between Iraq and Iran which left well over one million dead, and that was a guesstimate observation.  God alone knows just how many died officially and by what method. In that war which involved gas, nerve agents and everything except nuclear weapons, the west supported Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein and the east supported Iran and its leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

Now in Syria, whose population is three quarter sunni Muslims with about one tenth being shia Muslims, the rest being odds and sods including Christians, is fighting a civil war. The Government [sunni] led by Bashar aL-Assad is fighting a group of terrorists largely unrelated, except that they obey the call of the shia Muslims, and this attracts shia Muslims from all over the world to go to Syria for a punch up, including those from the UK. Iran doesn't like President Bashar aL-Assad because he is a sunni but the largest and most powerful nation in the fray, Saudi Arabia does because they too are sunni's. Saudi and Iran also hate each other and so the story goes on and on. However, where does that leave the West? We don't trust any Muslim and show contempt for both sunni and shia, but the problem now is that a third type of Muslim is fast emerging - but see my section highlighted in blue above - namely the medieval Muslim  {12th century man} who shows his total contempt for present day Islamic practices to the point of destroying their mosques and religious artefact which annoys both sunni and shia Muslims. Therefore, the West now has three fundamental enemies to be wary of , and the world would do well to deport them to a central country and let them fight it out amongst themselves.  Ideally, we could cope [albeit with stronger rules and regulations covering aliens and immigrants] and perhaps come to trust a 21st century Muslim - single type - who would not war with us nor with themselves. What was that? Pigs might fly.....well it's a dream even though a pipe-dream! The very word "Islam" is increasingly coming to mean a detested religion which occurs in many races. It is not yet "feared" globally because there are enough Muslim countries hell-bent on destroying the IS and other Islamic terrorists groups scattered across the middle east and in southern Asia/Africa, and just as it is inevitable that Iran has joined that list, then so too it will be for Turkey to defend its borders against the spread of this vile perverted IS culture, teaming up with the Gulf States, Saudi [but as previously stated], Iran, Jordan, Egypt, the Kurds, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, signifying that collectively they hate each other, sunni on shia, but more importantly they hate the IS, which is good news for the west, and with western support led by the USA or UN [see previous coment], the IS should be dispatched the Arab-way or the orthodox Islamic-way, historically, with brutal punishments and beheadings. Whilst on the subject,  wouldn't it be wonderful if all our so called "nationals" - grossly offensive to me when I hear that a zealot Muslim is a "British national" - are despatched somewhere in Iraq or Syria [doesn't matter how or where] which will help reduce our immigrant population. If that could be "engineered", then game-on, let's encourage mass emigration to Syria, family by family if needs be.

 And so to my story. Way back in the mid 19th century, it was Muslims attacking and murdering Christians, and quite a bit of that is still going on in the middle east. I often wonder why we tolerate such behaviour and yet we allow them to build mosques in the west and to adopt their crude and barbaric way of life, often to the point of polluting our way of life. However, I  believe that there will come a time when we rebel and show them our true feelings about them being in our beloved country, especially when they have given nothing towards it and its history and yet they expect us to accept their way of life as though it was their right to impose. France and Calais is a good example of what is happening in the Muslim world. There was a time when we would look upon these nomads, refugees, whatever with pity, but now each and every Muslim in Calais is a potential terrorist, stealing our taxes from us in handouts, polluting our air-space with Islam/Jihadist culture, awaiting their chance to execute another 7/7 London-type bombing and worse!  Attacking and destroying the IS inter alia and as such moderating the cruel edge of Islam, is thought by all a prerequisite in avoiding what could become a global war, and all would be pleased with the outcome of that event. On the other hand, we are all greatly displeased with our interference into the Arab world of late, for it would have been far better to turn a blind eye on Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad and Muammar Gaddafi in their respective countries of Iraq, Syria and Libya leaving them domestic freedom, rather than what we have today with the Arab world in chaos and its evils going global.

The story below involves a letter written by a Syrian doctor domiciled in the UK in London, having observed terrible things. I can fully see what the attraction of being a Crusader was!