In keeping with stories like No 164, 258 and 476 [plus others] http://www.godfreydykes.info/NAVY%20SMALLER%20FEATURES.htm   and in conjunction with my statement made a few years ago concerning that I have published only 2% of all the data I have on general naval matters, its time to ditch some more of my processed material.  Eventually of course, it will all have to go and my extensive library containing some unique documents will have to be dispersed though of course certainly not ditched! My next big celebratory event {I hope}, is my 80th, and my dear wife tells me that everything should be ship shape and Bristol fashion by that time.

Anyway, this clear-out see many Ganges documents covering class lists, punishment returns, RNSS sick lists, newspaper cuttings and ships book numbers.

To a lesser extent, documents from SOCA, from HMS Mercury, Fort Blockhouse, STC St Budeaux/Ricassoli/Kranji, and connected with these sub-titles, newspaper cuttings.

Books have been donated to various institutions, organisations and museums, and historic artefact earmarked for flagship museums for the future.  For example, I have a brand new*, never issued submarine 'faithful freddie' which will be loaned in perpetuity [not given] to the submarine museum for display in association with HM S/M Alliance. Its current collectors commercial value is approximately 2250. In my early days in boats it was one of my tasks to polish this 28lb brass object on a weekly basis. Moreover, I served in 'A' Boats for nearly four and a half years, and although never in Alliance, I have a great empathy for all that she stands for today.  I know that the museum has a faithful freddie already but it is a much used and rather battered one, and whereas my piece cannot tell stories {it is soulless relatively speaking} it looks the part and matches the newly refurbished and resplendent submarine we will see and enjoy shortly.  *This was sent from RNSD Eaglescliffe/Copenacre to a MOD Public Auction and sold off into the public domain as obsolete/redundant equipment. All the equipment is certificated. I purchased it from Flemmings  the famous Southsea firm of antique dealers at the clock-tower on the junction where Castle Road meets St Edwards Road,  and NOT the naval tailor in Queen Street. I bought several pieces over the years including the Captain's bridge clock from the battleship Vanguard and a barograph from the cruiser Bermuda.

HMS Warrior is in line for similar treatment when I will give the original service documents for a relative in the family who served as the captain of the foretop from the beginning [1860] one of the most difficult and certainly scary job onboard - look here and scroll down to the section which starts..."And finally...." to see that document http://www.godfreydykes.info/othersailors_in_the_family.htm

The Royal Oak will receive a wardroom-flat dinner gong, made as a 'rabbit' for the battleship at the behest of the Wardroom Mess President, the Commander, for one of the ships commissions from 1916 until her penultimate, but the Explosion Museum at Gosport cannot say exactly which one - this page tells you about it http://www.godfreydykes.info/Bits%20and%20Pieces%20Volume%20III.htm and then scroll down to the relevant piece on the page.

Lots of other artefact and pieces from my collections will be donated in this manner, each, upon acquiescence, to have a suitable sign stating that this has been kindly loaned by the family of.....................

 Take care and go well.

Yours aye