Fifty odd years ago in 1957, when, guess what ?, money was tight and cuts were needed, politicians were asking detailed questions about the naval budget.

They wanted to know how much the sharp-end of the navy was costing relative to the costs of the blunt-end, the support end.

Part of that questioning process came down to the numbers of "FRIGATES" we had [note the inverted commas] with politicians exercising childish delight in using coined expressions they had newly come upon viz STONEWALL "frigates", and from that, STEEL "frigates" - "frigates" meaning naval assets.

They [politicians] wanted to know why London and Portsmouth seemed to have more stonewall frigates than any other home geographical area, questioning the need.  The Secretary for the Navy reminded them that Portsmouth was our premier naval port which had a bearing on the Portsmouth question at least.  "It may not have been noticed by the navy that Winchester, for example, is not in Portsmouth, nor indeed anywhere near the premier port.  Why are there so many stonewall frigates in Hampshire ?"

The Secretary for the Navy answered that question by first choosing to eliminate stonewall frigates directly associated with the Portsmouth and Gosport areas.  Once done, he could go on to state that the Admiralty either owned or rented the following buildings [stonewall frigates] in London and in Hampshire.