A Snippet

Date Line May 1967

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I was in Aden in 1965 and again there for the 1967 British withdrawal.

I can empathise with both sides*, such was the fear of Arabs and their potential/desire for murdering, and never really knowing who was whom.

 When we vacated Aden, the Aden Protectorate became known as 'The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen' and for a while Aden remained its Capital. Many years later it joined the Yemen Arab Republic, later to become the Republic of Yemen. On and off Aden was the Capital until finally it was moved inland to the area of Sana'a. Now that too has been abandoned and the Capital is once again Aden. As we all know, the whole area is a battle field and today in 2015, the chief protagonists are terror organisations versus Saudi Arabia. Although the homeland of Arabs, and thus one would imagine brother fighting brother, the situation is so convoluted that wars on hitherto Arab lands, are now Muslims against Muslims, Sunnis by far the largest group against Shia, normally associated with Iraq {an Arab country} and Iran {a non-Arab country}. Classic in this case is Iran's support for the Yemeni terrorist groups. The official motto of the Republic of Yemen is "God, Country, Revolution, Unity" Is it at all possible to have revolution and unity running side by side ?

* except for the part which covers RAF Policemen. Although I have no unpleasant personal experiences {no axe to grind} with the police per se, civil or naval, and over the years got to know several Masters-at-Arms all of whom where perfectly decent men, I nevertheless believe the saying that a 'policeman is never off duty', or perhaps more to the point, his ego is always on the front-burner. Because of this, circumspection is the order of the day for all dealings with him. Some of these policemen like to have a target to bully and statistics regrettably show that coloured men are often it, even when most are law-abiding.