The Royal Canadian Navy - On the move...yet again !

Having spent much time in Canada, living there, and long holidays east and west, I have a great admiration for 'Canute's'.

My time over in the East was nearly two years in 'Brit submarines based on Halifax in 'Blue Nose' Territory, and a short initiation over on in the West on Esquimalt B.C. Since that time, we have done an Alaskan Cruise and extensive tours of B.C., proper.  Our eldest son Steven was born at the Halifax Infirmary in September 1963.

My wife and I travelled much, made many friends, and most of them are still in touch to this very day.

Not surprisingly, I have a great interest in the RCN and in it's changes, which in recent times, have been many.

When the Canadian Navy dropped its use of the White Ensign and the Blue Dominion Flag [as a Jack], they adopted the use of their National Flag, the MAPLE LEAF, as both an Ensign and a Jack, and it was jokingly rumoured that having the Maple Leaf forward, midships [on the funnel] and aft made the change demonstrative and left no one in doubt that the vessel [the navy] was under new management.

Now yet another change!

 Have a look below. The honour of the first ship to wear the new colours was given to HMCS Toronto.

NEW RCN 'JACK' and 'ENSIGN' wef Sunday 5th May 2013.pdf AND also this, showing the RCN Badge Naval_Jack_of_Canada.svg now used with the Maple Leaf on the new Ensign. The badge consists of a Naval Crown, a Killick [single anchor] and a sea bird, possibly an albatros {?}

We look forward to seeing the next change to a great country, people and navy.