On many of my pages I have enthused about the National Archives at Kew and the necessity of procuring their archived documents for inclusion into some of the most interesting web pages. Indeed, without the data they hold on our behalf, countless thousands of web pages wouldn't be worth the paper - or should that be screen? - they are written on or typed on!

I have also admitted that I am a visitor to the British Library and other places of learning; a devotee of umpteen on-line databases; an avid reader of Hansards and researcher [when time and money allows] of anything resembling naval history, which has not already been researched and there is plenty of that - my website is a testimony to that claim.

Today however, 14th August 2015, I was luckily enough to be sent an email containing details of a naval collection which truly opens up a giant-sized collection, not quite a competitor of Kew [after all it is a private company] but for all that, an amazing Pandora's box. I purchased something from them this very morning, and asked their permission to put a mention of their company on my web site, to which they readily agreed.

So, have a look at the "naval wares" of a business classified as a Book Seller, with a pretty impressive list of naval material which I am sure the RN Museum at Portsmouth would be envious of.

The company is called FISHER NAUTICAL and they are at 'Huntswood House', St Helena Lane, Streat [note, NOT Street], Hassocks, Sussex. BN6 8SD. BN is a Brighton postal prefix so not far from the Channel. Their landline number is 01273 890273 and their email address is The costs of their wares, be assured, are very reasonable given the costs elsewhere so don't let that put you off from buying anything that genuinely interests you, and please remember to communicate with them direct. I am not repeat not an agent for them in any form or fashion, so negotiate your own aspirations, prices and deliveries.  You can circumvent  the cost by collecting the article direct from their premises - postage is a bane and regrettably an every increasing spiral upwards especially for items like heavy books!

Here's what is on offer. Just as a pointer on web pages - a web page jpeg image can be in the region of 300-350 kB - just for a one-off event. A word document without pictures of that similar size can contain a great deal of text. Remember that when you start to read these files.

ADMIRALTY Catalogue 2013.docx




There's lots to read so allow some time to do the lists justice.

Good sailing.