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Admiralty ADM 1/16826 1944-1945. Range. Drafting of boys from HMS St George to small ships in the Western Approaches Convoy Escort Force
Admiralty ADM 1/8632/163 1922. Procedure for awarding annual prizes to boys entering the Royal Navy from mercantile establishments
Admiralty ADM 1/17689 1928-1945. Ratings drew their naval pensions quarterly in cash from naval ports and naval recruiting centres.  Available naval boys were used to assist with this function, but in 1928 their jobs were offered to the pensioners themselves under temporary employment rules newly formed at that time.
Cabinet CAB24/5 1918. Amendment of National Service (G.T.-4057).- 1. Age Limits. - Boys of 17. The Chairman indicated that in the view of the Cabinet it should be compulsory for boys of 17 to be enrolled in Class C of the Volunteers, and to attend the number of drills laid down for Date: 1918.
Admiralty ADM 1/15621 1940-1945. Allowance of bread for boys in HMS St George.  Comparative ration scales and average consumption of various food items in the three armed services.
Admiralty ADM 178/74 1930. Restrictions of caning of boys as a punishment.  Boy Edward Bennett HMS Ganges
Ministry of Transport MT 9/66 1872. Training ships.  Conference on supply of seamen and boys to the Royal Navy and the constitution of the RNR
Ministry of  Transport MT 9/193 1881. Admission of boys as Class 3 RNR
Plymouth & West Devon Records Office 2312/1 1895-1938. Devonport RN and Military FREE School for Boys - Log book 2312/1 [Note, many thousands of boys joined the RN from this school]. Later this school became the King Street Council School and is now the Devonport Secondary School.
Board of Trade BT 5/1/397 1884.
Class 10: clothing. Registered design No 397: registered by John Barran and Sons, Clothing Manufacturers, of St Pauls Street, Leeds, York.
A pattern consisting of two Silk Braids in close juxtaposition, of the same or different colours as shown in specimens = machine-stitched in rows upon Boys' Man O'War or Naval collars and vests.
National Archives Record FO 84/1310 These photograph are dated 1 November 1868, and are of the earliest and most important photographs in the Moving Here Catalogue, and reveals a very little of the terrible suffering caused to millions of people by the slave trade. This group of severely emaciated boys and young men from East Africa are pictured on the lower deck of the Royal Naval ship HMS Daphne . They were taken on board from a dhow. The captain of the Royal Naval ship had instructions not to return the rescued slaves to the place on the coast where they had been put on the slave ship (presumably because they were in danger of being recaptured by traders) but it is not clear from the available documentation what happened to them afterwards.     Note the good view of the flag locker, the marine and the sailors in their straw boaters.    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Admiralty ADM 1/11989 1939-1942. NAVAL TRAINING (54): Scheme for direct entry of boys into communications branch as signalmen and telegraphists
Admiralty 1/17445 1942-1945.
NAVAL TRAINING (54): Revised training arrangements: new entry naval training of observers and pilots transferred from Lee-on-Solent to HMS ST VINCENT: re allocation of telegraphic air gunners, torpedo ratings and air mechanics (trainees); decision to hand over HMS ST VINCENT for boys' training establishment
Cabinet CAB 23/29 1922. To dismiss trained men today and to start training boys to replace them in two years' time. Mr Patton asked by the Prime Minister to give his views on the naval situation in view of his recent study of this question at Washington, pointed out that the country.........
Admiralty 1/8735/70 1929.
Recruitment into Royal Navy: Director of Naval Recruiting to be entirely responsible for detailing boys for provisional entry, maximum age limit to be 16 years 3 months and preference to be given to the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich
Ministry of Transport MT 9/64 1872.
As to enrolment of boys from "Conway" and "Worcester" as officers in Royal Naval Reserve.
CABINET CAB 24/175 1925. Our boy's grave, they said it would be such a comfort to my wife. I said  I didn't see how that could be, but they said Iwould find at was so ; they had been and that was their experience. Well, we went. Like everybody else, I suppose, we took a wreath, but........ Report by the Vice Chairman of the Imperial War Commission.
Admiralty ADM 178/243 1939-1943.
Employment of boys on seagoing ships: requests from parents that sons should be withdrawn from sea service; Admiralty policy explained with regard to War Office policy
Home Office HO 45/9672/A46480 1887.
CHILDREN (see separate heading for (a) SCHOOLS (OTHER THAN REFORMATORY AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS) and (b) BILLS (EDUCATION)): Discharging of boys to enter Royal Navy to be conditional on acceptance by Naval Authorities.
Treasury T 1/11643 1914.
Admiralty. Appointment of a naval instructor to supervise the schoolwork of the boys at the Training Establishment, Devonport Dockyard.
MT 23/314/5 1914. Scapa Flow was home to British warships the majority of which were coal burners and great stock piles were held in the Flow usually of the finest Welsh coal known to be totally reliable and efficient and also boiler friendly. For ships, the very first thing a ship would do coming into the Flow from sea duty was to 'coal ship' as soon after arriving so as to be ready for more sea duty at the drop of a hat. All ships were flashed-up and under varying notices for steam allowing a hasty exit seaward. It was an enormous task tying up a vast phalanx of sailors from boys through to 1st class petty officers. In 1914 by far the greatest number of vessels were the colliers bringing coal to ships anchored  off,  daily from first light to nigh on dusk and these colliers were part manned by boy scout  signallers in the employ of the Coaling Officer Lyness  Hoy working for the ministry of transport, hence the reference number in the left hand column. For smooth logistics, signalling was paramount, kept the scouts on their toes, and wearied them somewhat?
Admiralty ADM 1/15751 1939-1943.
ADMIRALTY (5); COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS (21) and NAVAL TRAINING (54): South African candidates for special entry into Royal Navy, revised regulations; further question of British boys evacuated from UK to South Africa being able to qualify for cadetship while abroad
Admiralty ADM 1/30807 1953.
Award of BEM to PO S J Horlick for courage which prevented HMS Uplifter from capsizing at Sheerness Feb 2 1953
Admiralty ADM 1/26027 1955-1957.
Summary of progress in gun blast investigations in HMS Excellent 1953-1954
Admiralty ADM 1/30809 1953.  
Awards for good services during the 1953 flood disasters in England and Holland
Admiralty ADM 1/25296 1954.
Royal tour of Commonwealth 1953-1954: arrangements for escort of HM Yacht Britannia from UK to Malta and search and rescue vessel for HM Queen's flight from Aden to Entebbe
Admiralty ADM 1/25767 1952-1954.
Royal Navy and Royal Marines recruiting reports for 1952, 1953 and 1954; and minutes of Admiralty Recruiting Committee
Admiralty ADM 1/24682 1953.
Royal Navy Signal School: transfer from Vicarage Road to St Budeaux
Admiralty ADM 1/23502 1952.
Coronation Naval Review 1953: proposals
Admiralty ADM 1/31024 1953-1958. Proposed re-organisation of Naval strategic wireless network
Admiralty ADM 1/27322 1953-1954.
Proposed introduction of DH 110 all-weather fighter
Admiralty ADM 1/24861 1953. Falkland Island dependencies : withdrawal of HMS Bigbury Bay and HMS
Admiralty ADM 1/24853 1953.
HMS Welcome : report of proceedings whilst assisting fishing vessels during gales in Moray Firth
Admiralty ADM 1/24805 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Pluto: 18-20 Oct concerning recovery of mines off Scilly Isles
Admiralty ADM 1/24797 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Veryan Bay: Jul-Nov whilst stationed in Falkland Islands
Admiralty ADM 1/25094 1953.
Foreign Secretary, Mr Anthony Eden : convalescent cruise in HMS Surprise
Admiralty ADM 1/25086 1953.
Launching of royal yacht Britannia
Admiralty ADM 1/25062 1953.
HMS Glory : recommissioning programme
Admiralty ADM 1/25038 1953.
Wearing of ear-rings by naval personnel : policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24990 1949-1953.
Herbert Lott Naval Trust Fund : administration
Admiralty ADM 1/24942 1953.
Official visit of Earl Mountbatten to Turkey: report
Admiralty ADM 1/24910 1953.
Grant of Queen's colour to Home Air Command
Admiralty ADM 1/24902 1953-1955.
Further modernisation of `A' Class submarines including streamlining
Admiralty ADM 1/24878 1953.
Death of HM Queen Mary : message of sympathy and funeral arrangements
Admiralty ADM 1/24870 1953.
HMSs Vanguard and Gabbard : report of proceedings on a visit to Brest
Admiralty ADM 1/24714 1949-1954.
Conditions of service of officers in submarine service
Admiralty ADM 1/24602 1951-1953.
Inquiry into cost of converting SS Gothic for royal tour to Australia and New Zealand
Admiralty ADM 1/25171 1953.
Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand 1953/54 : clothing arrangements for RN ratings and Royal Marines
Admiralty ADM 1/25115 1953.
1953 design submarine : main generators
Admiralty ADM 1/24541 1953-1956.
Instructions on helicopter rescue: issue of poster for naval personnel
Admiralty ADM 1/24533 1953.
Working Party on Development of Anti-Submarine Equipment: report
Admiralty ADM 1/24525 1953-1954.
Sonobuoys: report on operating experiences with type 1946
Admiralty ADM 1/24517 1952-1955.
Mobile Operational Naval Air Base 10 (MONAB): policy on retention
Admiralty ADM 1/27785 1953.
Failure of the British Intelligence Organisation in Germany
Admiralty ADM 1/27340 1952-1954.
Wrecks of HM Ships Prince of Wales and Repulse
Admiralty ADM 1/27324 1953.
The Daily Worker: policy on facilities
Admiralty ADM 1/27599 1952-1953.
Argentine Antarctic Operational Orders
Admiralty ADM 1/26686 1953-1955.
Dounreay Airfield: transfer to Atomic Energy Division, Ministry of Supply
Admiralty ADM 1/24855 1953.
Royal Marine garrison on Deception Island : discussion of strength required
Admiralty ADM 1/24839 1953-1954.
Participation of US submarines in NATO submarine versus submarine exercises
Admiralty ADM 1/24831 1952-1953.
Hong Kong territorial waters: policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24823 1953.
Captured German documents: request by Danish Government for access
Admiralty ADM 1/24807 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Mounts Bay: Oct-Nov on Formosa Strait patrol
Admiralty ADM 1/24799 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Consort: 13-18 Oct whilst on Formosan patrol
Admiralty ADM 1/24791 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: South Atlantic station: Mar-Oct
Admiralty ADM 1/24783 1953.
British submarine war plan: revision
Admiralty ADM 1/24735 1953.
Remembrance Sunday Ceremony at the Cenotaph: procedure for words of command and marching off
Admiralty ADM 1/25505 1953-1955.
Analysis of Flag Officer Submarines summer war exercises 1953
Admiralty ADM 1/30804 1952-1953. New Years Honours List 1953: supplementary list of recommendations for salvage operations on HMS Wave
Admiralty ADM 1/25669 1954.
Advance ordering of equipment for type 12 and 14 A/S frigates and 1953 design submarines: Treasury sanction
Admiralty ADM 1/23129 1952-1953.
Coronation procession 2 June 1953: selection and training of Royal Naval Reserve officers and ratings
Foreign Office FO 371/106561 1953.
Reports on the Soviet Navy covering period October 1952 to June 1953
Admiralty ADM 1/25072 1953-1956.
Photography in Royal Navy : review of organisation
Admiralty ADM 1/24968 1953.
Pulmonary tuberculosis in Royal Navy in recent years : report
Admiralty ADM 1/25261 1952-1954.
Future of Hunt class frigates on loan to Hellenic Navy
Admiralty ADM 1/25027 1953.
Legal action arising from arrest of junk On Lee in Hong Kong by a Royal Navy vessel
Admiralty ADM 1/24891 1953.
HMS XE9 : report of proceedings for 27 March - 6 April whilst on loan to US Navy
Treasury T 300/76 1946-1955.
General Service Medal for Royal Navy, Army and RAF; minesweeping 1945-1951 and bomb and mine clearance; 1945-1953
Board of Trade BT 238/102 1952-1967.
Proposal to bestow title of "Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet" on Queen Elizabeth II; title assumed 23 Nov 1953; includes history of title
Admiralty ADM 1/25526 1953-1954. Reports of Proceedings: C in C Mediterranean: 20 Oct - 16 Nov 1953 including visit to Emperor of Abyssinia
AVIA 6/24578 1953.
Report on visit to United States Navy Bureau of Aeronautics for technical consultation on the problem of undercarriageless aircraft (Flexdeck aircraft) January 30th to February 17th 1953
Admiralty ADM 1/24965 1953.
Annual statement of dangerous drugs purchased for Royal Navy in 1952
Admiralty ADM 1/24633 1953-1956.
Short service commission in Royal Navy: possible introduction
Admiralty ADM 1/27347 1953-1955.
New security procedure for RN
Admiralty ADM 1/27598 1992-1953.
Argentinian operational orders captured at Deception Island, Antarctica
Admiralty ADM 1/25879 1953-1955.
771 Naval Air Squadron badge: approval of design
Admiralty ADM 1/24862 1953.
Extent of territorial waters : policy in relation to activities of International Law Commission
Admiralty ADM 1/24846 1946-1953.
WRNS training establishment at Burghfield: commissioning as HMS Dauntless
Admiralty ADM 1/24830 1953.
Capture of Khutchi dhow Naram Passa by HMS Flamingo for alleged act of piracy
Admiralty ADM 1/24822 1953.
Proposed Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958
Admiralty ADM 1/24814 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: Operation WINDSOR (Landing of troops in British Guiana): report
Admiralty ADM 1/24798 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Welfare: Sep-Oct during exercise MARINER (minesweeping)
Admiralty ADM 1/24782 1953.
Approval for flag of Flag Officer Training Squadron to fly in his absence
Admiralty ADM 1/24766 1953.
Disposal of Japanese vases originally presented to HMS Glory
Admiralty ADM 1/24734 1952-1953.
Korea: summary of action bombardments
Admiralty ADM 1/24718 1952-1953.
Consideration of self propelled minesweeping device
Admiralty ADM 1/25176 1953.
Wearing of brown gloves by RM officers
Admiralty ADM 1/25167 1953-1954.
HM Yacht Britannia : requirements of special bedlinen
Admiralty ADM 1/25159 1953-1954.
Proposed provision of wrist badges for higher ratings when not wearing shirts
Admiralty ADM 1/25143 1953-1954.
Review of inshore A/S operations : report by Coastal Command
Admiralty ADM 1/25119 1953-1955.
Operation of American aircraft from British carriers : suitability of catapults
Admiralty ADM 1/25111 1953.
HMS Ark Royal : approval for installation of interim angled deck
Admiralty ADM 1/25103 1953.
Size and shape of Reserve Fleet
Admiralty ADM 1/25095 1952-1953.
Setting up of Committee of Enquiry into Medical Services for Armed Forces
Admiralty ADM 1/25047 1945-1954.
RN Engineering College : HMS Thunderer schemes of complement and formulation of courses
Admiralty ADM 1/25031 1953.
Incident in Pearl River estuary on 9.9.53 : report of Board of Inquiry
Admiralty ADM 1/25023 1951-1953.
Korea prisoners of war : repatriation arrangements
Admiralty ADM 1/25015 1953.
Wearing of Blue Ensign : regulations
Admiralty ADM 1/24991 1953.
Release scheme for recalled Royal Fleet Reserve ratings [Korea]
Admiralty ADM 1/24975 1953.
Official medical war history : draft of chapter IV - medical aspects of chief naval events 1942 - 1943
Admiralty ADM 1/24967 1953.
Treatment of casualties from HMS Indomitable following a major explosion of aviation petrol
Admiralty ADM 1/24943 1953.
Introduction of car pennant for civilian members of Board of Admiralty
Admiralty ADM 1/24919 1953-1954.
Portsmouth Command : provision of permanent areas for minelaying and minesweeping exercises
Admiralty ADM 1/24887 1953.
HMS Belfast : reduction to Class III reserve
Admiralty ADM 1/24879 1949-1954.
German minesweeping : loan of US craft to RN
Admiralty ADM 1/24871 1953.
Falkland Islands : presence of HMS Bigbury Bay
Admiralty ADM 1/24863 1953-1954.
Wave suppressors : report of trials on board HMS Rocket
Admiralty ADM 1/24707 1953-1954.
National servicemen serving in RN and RM: eligibility for short service commissions for aircrew duties
Admiralty ADM 1/24699 1953.
Entry shortages in Executive Branch: proposals to increase intake
Admiralty ADM 1/24691 1947-1953.
Treatment of wartime deserters still serving to complete engagements: proposed amnesty
Admiralty ADM 1/24667 1953-1956.
Consideration of use of police for detection of idling in dockyards
Admiralty ADM 1/24627 1951-1953.
Naval test pilots: loan to aircraft industry
Admiralty ADM 1/24611 1953.
Consideration of scheme for modernising 6" gun cruisers - Lion, Tiger, Blake.
Admiralty ADM 1/24515 1949-1953.
RN aircraft establishments: re-organisation and future planning
Admiralty ADM 1/24395 1953-1955.
Construction of 1,500 ton 'Eddy' class Fleet Attendant Tankers: Vol 16
Admiralty ADM 1/24694 1953.
Cadet entry into Royal Navy: raising of joining age to 18 years and other changes
Admiralty ADM 205/76 1953-1954.
Policy concerning command of Western Approaches and East Atlantic fleet. Statement by First Sea Lord on dismissal of General MacArthur and meeting of UK/US and French service authorities regarding SE Asia, Persian oil situation, and withdrawal of troops from Egypt and command of Mediterranean in war. Research, development and size of fleets 1953-1954. Future of Commonwealth navies and acceptance of Radford-Collins line delineating "Anzam" region. Conclusions of ban on "A" class submarines and appreciation of escape position consequent upon the loss of HMS AFFRAY
Admiralty ADM 1/30995 1953.
RN College Dartmouth: abandonment of the 15 and 16 year old cadet entry in favour of the 18 year old intake; considerations by the Defence Committee and Cabinet
Admiralty ADM 1/30084 1953-1954.
250th Anniversary celebrations of the capture of Gibraltar by Great Britain
Admiralty ADM 1/29294 1953.
Brief for ministers on Simonstown Dockyard
Admiralty ADM 1/27333 1953.
HMS Bigbury Bay: report of proceedings Mar-Apr, in Antarctic
Admiralty ADM 1/27325 1952-1956.
Biological warfare research and development
Admiralty ADM 1/27317 1953-1954.
Unexpected landings of Soviet or satellite aircraft at RAF stations
Admiralty ADM 1/27600 1953.
Visit of Soviet cruiser Sverdlov to Spithead for Naval Review
Admiralty ADM 1/26923 1950-1960.
Admiralty police and fire services abroad: standardisation of badges of rank
Admiralty ADM 1/26687 1948-1953.
Use of White Ensign in shore establishments
Admiralty ADM 1/24840 1953-1954.
Invention of hydrostatic limpet mine: consideration for an award
Admiralty ADM 1/24816 1953-1954.
Use of airborne early warning in coastal defence
Admiralty ADM 1/24808 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: Flag Officer, Second in Command, Far East station: Oct-Nov
Admiralty ADM 1/24784 1953-1954.
Operation AWKWARD, (countermeasures against limpet mines): report
Admiralty ADM 1/24776 1953.
Help rendered during petrol strike: proposal to thank naval parties
Admiralty ADM 1/24768 1953-1954.
Trophies from HMS Jersey: loan to Bailiff and people of Jersey
Admiralty ADM 1/24760 1953-1954.
Royal Observatory Greenwich: renewal of Royal Warrant for Board of Visitors
Admiralty ADM 1/24752 1946-1953.
Visit of HM Ships to foreign ports: procedure
Admiralty ADM 1/24744 1953.
Unofficial strike action by men at RN Aircraft Yard, Belfast: reduction of paid leave entitlement
Admiralty ADM 1/24736 1953.
Re-allocation of special coronation rifles to home depots for use on ceremonial occasions
Admiralty ADM 1/24728 1952-1954.
Television: possible application to minewatching
Admiralty ADM 1/25210 1953.
Drafting of Coastal Flooding (Emergency Provision) Bill
Admiralty ADM 1/25202 1953.
Ratings' soft white shirts : modification in design
Admiralty ADM 1/25186 1953.
RN Minewatching Service : design and issue of badges
Admiralty ADM 1/25178 1953.
Provision of officers' regulation cane
Admiralty ADM 1/25161 1953.
Issue of stiff white linen collars to ratings
Admiralty ADM 1/25129 1950-1953.
River Wear Commission : proposals for new port works and dry dock at Sunderland
Admiralty ADM 1/25121 1953-1954.
HM Yacht Britannia : trials and completion programme
Admiralty ADM 1/25113 1951-1954.
American rescue bell : report of trials
Admiralty ADM 1/25105 1953-1954.
Presentation of flag of Board of Admiralty to church of St Martin-in-the-Fields
Admiralty ADM 1/25097 1953.
Count of Barcelona : request to join HM fleet for exercises in Mediterranean
Admiralty ADM 1/25081 1953.
Plans for C-in-C Mediterranean to make courtesy visits to heads of Mediterranean and Middle East States
Admiralty ADM 1/25065 1953.
Stationing of second frigate in Persian Gulf
Admiralty ADM 1/25057 1953.
HMS Glory : return from Korea to UK
Admiralty ADM 1/25049 1953.
Manpower problems
Admiralty ADM 1/25001 1953.
Proposed definition of mutiny and consideration of penalties
Admiralty ADM 1/24993 1953.
Voluntary retirement and resignation of active list officers
Admiralty ADM 1/24985 1953.
Manpower: policy following Korean armistice
Admiralty ADM 1/24977 1953.
Services manpower policy subsequent to April 1954 : re-examination
Admiralty ADM 1/24969 1949-1953.
Closure of RN Tropical Research Unit, Singapore : proposed issue of AFO
Admiralty ADM 1/24945 1953.
Painting of amorial bearings of Quebec province : presentation to HMS Quebec
Admiralty ADM 1/24913 1953.
HMS Mounts Bay : report of proceedings on visit to Japan 28 May - 4 June
Admiralty ADM 1/24897 1953-1955.
Future composition of submarine fleet
Admiralty ADM 1/24889 1953.
C-in-C Home Fleet : report of proceedings in HMS Vanguard on spring cruise
Admiralty ADM 1/24873 1952-1953.
Mombasa : reprovisioning of Admiralty facilities following proposal to set up an oil refinery
Admiralty ADM 1/24865 1951-1954.
Disposal of German coastal fishing cutters
Admiralty ADM 1/24709 1953.
Appointment of Admiral Sir J Edelston as First and Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp to HM Queen
Admiralty ADM 1/24701 1953.
Appointment of HM King of the Hellenes as Honorary Admiral
Admiralty ADM 1/24693 1951-1953.
Erection of a memorial at Dunkirk
Admiralty ADM 1/24685 1953-1954.
Unveiling of naval memorials at Portsmouth, Lee-on-Solent, and Plymouth Hoe by members of royal family
Admiralty ADM 1/24661 1945-1953.
Malta Dockyard Recorders' Association: reconsideration of petition for change of status
Admiralty ADM 1/24629 1953.
Nelson relics: delivery of sideboard to Admiralty
Admiralty ADM 1/24613 1940-1952.
Organisation for dealing with naval publicity
Admiralty ADM 1/24727 1950-1953.
Amphibious vessels: experimental design
Admiralty ADM 1/24719 1953-1954.
Inflatable life jackets: consideration of patent application by Mr J F Coates
Admiralty ADM 1/25209 1953.
Royal yacht : pattern of royal cypher on china
Admiralty ADM 1/25177 1953-1954.
Polishing of RM officers buttons and badges
Admiralty ADM 1/25168 1953-1955.
Project for supply of concentrated beer to HM ships
Admiralty ADM 1/25160 1953-1954.
Wearing of coxswains' badges by petty officers : amendment of AFO
Admiralty ADM 1/25152 1947-1953.
Naval peacetime policy on disposal of bombs and mines : issue of AFO
Admiralty ADM 1/25144 1953.
Escape from submarines : introduction of more modern equipment
Admiralty ADM 1/25136 1950-1954.
Royal Marines - Provision of white helmets for officers and men
Admiralty ADM 1/25128 1953-1954.
New dry dock on Clyde : possible government assistance
Admiralty ADM 1/25120 1953.
HM Yacht Britannia : proposed programme of trials
Admiralty ADM 1/25112 1953.
Royal Yacht Britannia : launching arrangements
Admiralty ADM 1/25104 1953.
Naval assistance following floods in Netherlands : message of appreciation
Admiralty ADM 1/25088 1952-1953. 
HRH Duke of Edinburgh : promotion to Admiral of the Fleet
Admiralty ADM 1/25064 1953.
HMS Theseus : proposals for summer programme
Admiralty ADM 1/25048 1945-1953.
Royal Yacht Service : post - war reconstitution
Admiralty ADM 1/25032 1953.
Persons subject to Naval Discipline Act : legal interpretation
Admiralty ADM 1/25000 1953.
Accident on board HMS Ocean on 14.1.53 : report of Board of Inquiry
Admiralty ADM 1/24992 1953.
Pilot Shortage Working Party : report
Admiralty ADM 1/24984 1953.
Korean armistice : issue of Admiralty General Message on release of reservists and retained men
Admiralty ADM 1/24960 1953-1957.
Scapa Flow : maintenance works
Admiralty ADM 1/24952 1953.
Defence against U-boat attack
Admiralty ADM 1/24928 1953-1954.
Operation HESPERUS (biological warfare trials) : orders and reports
Admiralty ADM 1/24912 1951-1955.
Presentation of trophies of HMS Devonshire to Norway to commemorate wartime operations
Admiralty ADM 1/24904 1938-1954.
HMSs Mashona and Matabele : programme of trials and presentation of trophies
Admiralty ADM 1/24896 1952-1954.
Examination service : request to C-in-Cs for forward details of of requirements
Admiralty ADM 1/24880 1953.
HMS Kenya : report of proceedings for 3 Jan - 20 Feb concerning visits to Suez, Haifa and Beirut
Admiralty ADM 1/24864 1953.
Flood relief in Holland : report on assistance given by RN Rhine Squadron
Admiralty ADM 1/24700 1953.
Executive post captains: proposed grant of rank of commodore on retirement
Admiralty ADM 1/24692 1952-1953.
Consideration of legal position of armed sentries who may kill or wound persons in course of their duties
Admiralty ADM 1/24684 1953.
HM Dockyard Chatham: protection against tidal floods
Admiralty ADM 1/24644 1953-1954.
Proposed new armament depot at Freetown
Admiralty ADM 1/24636 1953-1955.
Flying training for cadets in HMS Triumph
Admiralty ADM 1/24612 1953.
Appreciation of waterborne threat to ships in harbour and harbour installations
Admiralty ADM 1/24604 1953.
Signals concerning earthquake relief duties in Cyprus
Admiralty ADM 1/24540 1951-1959.
Aircraft Torpedo Development Unit: provision of accommodation and services at RNAS Culdrose
Admiralty ADM 1/24524 1952-1954.
HMS Ocean: report on system of aircraft maintenance employed during Korean operations May-Oct 1952
Admiralty ADM 1/24516 1953.
Employment of naval aircraft from shore in support of RAF on outbreak of war
Admiralty ADM 1/27343 1952-1954.
Release of classified information to NATO
Admiralty ADM 1/27327 1952.
The War at Sea 1939-1945 (official history) by Capt S W Roskill
Admiralty ADM 1/24850 1945-1954.
Introduction of chlorobromomethane as a medium for extinction of aircraft crash and oil fires
Admiralty ADM 1/24842 1949-1953.
RN training requirements in Canada and loan of ships to RCN for training purposes
Cabinet CAB 124/1921 Dec 1961-May 1963.
Outbreak of food poisoning: HMS Ganges
Admiralty ADM 1/19886 1945-1946.
LEAVE AND SICK LEAVE (62): Leave scale for officers instructors, ship's company and boys at HMS GANGES
Cabinet CAB 129/77 1955. National Service cuts from about 280,000 at present to about 235,000 provided the adverse trends in regular recruiting and re-engagements do not increase. POSSIBLE METHODS OF PROCURING THE ABOVE REDUCTIONS. There are a number of methods by which the proposed reduction can be achieved.
Cabinet CAB 129/154 1970. Sale of Arms to South Africa
Admiralty ADM 338/43 1953-1966.
Church of Scotland and Free Churches, HMS Ganges, Shotley, Suffolk
Admiralty ADM 1/8696/41 1926.
Forton Training Establishment. Adoption of name HMS ST. VINCENT for Boys Training Establishment at Forton Barracks.
Admiralty ADM 1/24778 1953.
Operation DURBEX (S Atlantic anti-submarine exercise): report and departmental comment
Admiralty ADM 1/24770 1953.
Strength of patrols in Hong Kong waters
Admiralty ADM 1/24746 1923-1953.
Responsibility allowance for mechanics employed on writing duties: claim for increase
Admiralty ADM 1/24738 1953.
Proposed issue of body armour: reports on trials and formulation of policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24730 1953.
Development of new cable laying gear
Admiralty ADM 1/25205 1953.
East Indies station : victualling of Asian laundrymen and similar unofficial employees
Admiralty ADM 1/25188 1953-1955.
Trials of white plastic topped caps for RN officers and ratings
Admiralty ADM 1/25163 1953-1955.
Provision of protective helmets for aircrew
Admiralty ADM 1/25155 1947-1948.
Development of high speed airborne torpedo "Bootleg" : reports
Admiralty ADM 1/25147 1953.
Daring class ships : organisation and complementing in war
Admiralty ADM 1/25139 1949-1954.
Underground HQ at Ravenscraig: long term communications planning
Admiralty ADM 1/25123 1953.
Construction of warships for Brazil : request from shipbuilders for financial backing
Admiralty ADM 1/25099 1953.
Royal Tournament : proposed goodwill visit to USA
Admiralty ADM 1/25075 1953.
Training Squadron : proposed replacement of two fleet carriers by three Colossus class carriers
Admiralty ADM 1/25067 1953-1954.
HMS Glory : proposed conversion for duties with Training Squadron
Admiralty ADM 1/25051 1953-1955.
HE/nerve gas shell in naval warfare
Admiralty ADM 1/24995 1953-1954.
Officers : proposals on leave for private purposes
Admiralty ADM 1/24987 1952-1954.
Release of RF Reservists after Korean armistice
Admiralty ADM 1/24971 1953.
Official medical war history : draft of Chapter III - medical aspects of chief naval events 1939 - 1941
Admiralty ADM 1/24931 1951-1953.
Naval command in S African waters in event of war
Admiralty ADM 1/24923 1953.
HMS Veryan Bay : report of proceedings for 24 June - 19 July during visits to Recife and Montevideo
Admiralty ADM 1/24915 1953.
Presentation of silverware to HMSs Eagle, Fearless and Kenya
Admiralty ADM 1/24907 1953.
Visit of Crown Prince and Princess of Norway for coronation naval review : arrangements
Admiralty ADM 1/24875 1953.
Plymouth Command : decision to lay up old colours in Liverpool Cathedral
Admiralty ADM 1/24867 1953.
HMS Snipe : report of proceedings for 21 February - 13 March during operations in Falkland Islands
Admiralty ADM 1/24703 1953.
Promulgation of appointment of Earl Mountbatten of Burma as Personal Aide-de-Camp to HM Queen
Admiralty ADM 1/24695 1953.
Role of aircraft carriers: review of policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24687 1953.
Non-return of Royal Marine POW's from Korea: policy on publicity
Admiralty ADM 1/24647 1953.
Arming of merchant ships and supply of miscellaneous equipment
Admiralty ADM 1/24639 1953.
HMS Warrior: increase in aircraft complement on arrival in Far East station
Admiralty ADM 1/24631 1953.
Draft plan for reorganisation of naval aviation
Admiralty ADM 1/24623 1946-1953.
Deck landings on aircraft carriers: proposals for investigation of procedures and problems
Admiralty ADM 1/24615 1953.
Uniform evening rig for chief petty officers: introduction
Admiralty ADM 1/24535 1944-1953.
Use of terms `Fleet Air Arm' and `Naval Aviation'
Admiralty ADM 1/24519 1952-1953.
Defence of Fleet against low and medium flying aircraft
Admiralty ADM 1/24715 1953-1959.
Direct entry into Royal Navy: future policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24940 1953.
Disposal of plaque presented to HMS Devonshire by Royal Norwegian Navy
Admiralty ADM 1/24892 1953.
Formation of a submarine branch in Royal Canadian Navy
Admiralty ADM 1/24616 1953.
Consideration of report of Committee on Cadet Entry in the Royal Navy (Montagu)
Admiralty ADM 1/27329 1953.
The War at Sea 1939-1945: first volume
Admiralty ADM 1/24828 1953.
Incident at Taranto, Italy: report of attack on libertymen from HM ships by civilians
Admiralty ADM 1/24804 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: 1st Fast Patrol Boat Squadron: 26-30 Oct on fishing protection duties
Admiralty ADM 1/24796 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Cardigan Bay: Sep-Nov whilst in in Korean waters
Admiralty ADM 1/24788 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Opossum: 25-31 Aug whilst patrolling in Korean waters
Admiralty ADM 1/24772 1950-1955.
Minewatching system: possible expansion
Admiralty ADM 1/24756 1952-1954.
Interference with British merchant shipping by Chinese Nationalist Forces
Admiralty ADM 1/24740 1946-1954.
Review of honours and awards
Admiralty ADM 1/24716 1953-1956.
Executive Branch officers: grant of watchkeeping certificates
Admiralty ADM 1/25198 1953.
Introduction of branch badge for electrical mechanics
Admiralty ADM 1/25182 1953-1956.
Trials of modified design of seamen's class II uniform
Admiralty ADM 1/25174 1953.
HM Yacht Britannia : wearing of uniform by NAAFI staff
Admiralty ADM 1/25165 1953-1954.
Provision of pillows and pillow covers for naval ratings
Admiralty ADM 1/25157 1953-1954.
Designs of branch badges for chief petty officers
Admiralty ADM 1/25149 1953-1954.
Design of cheapest possible aircraft carrier to operate modern fighters : proposals
Admiralty ADM 1/25141 1953-1954.
Delegation of responsibilities for ship handling and weapons supervision policy
Admiralty ADM 1/25125 1953.
Off shore purchase of minesweepers from USA : security problem
Admiralty ADM 1/25117 1953-1954.
Angled deck carriers : flight deck lighting installation
Admiralty ADM 1/25109 1953.
Improvement of morale during cold war : increase of disturbance allowance
Admiralty ADM 1/25093 1953.
Service pay : drafting of letter to Chancellor of Exchequer setting out case for considerable increases
Admiralty ADM 1/25085 1953.
Merchant shipbuilding : shortage of steel
Admiralty ADM 1/25077 1953.
Review of naval operations essential for survival of UK in early stages of war
Admiralty ADM 1/25061 1953.
HMS Glory : proposal to recommission
Admiralty ADM 1/25021 1953.
UN medal for services in Korea : policy on forfeiture because of desertion
Admiralty ADM 1/24989 1952-1953.
National service : review
Admiralty ADM 1/24941 1953.
Board representation at laying up of Plymouth Command Queen's colour
Admiralty ADM 1/24933 1953.
Attack on HM ML 1323 by Chinese communist naval vessel
Admiralty ADM 1/24925 1953.
C-in-C Indies station : report of proceedings for April
Admiralty ADM 1/24917 1953.
Mediterranean Fleet : summer cruise orders
Admiralty ADM 1/24909 1953.
Admiralty Constabulary boats : wearing of ensigns
Admiralty ADM 1/24877 1953.
C-in-C America and West Indies station : report of proceedings in HMS Superb on a visit to Port Stanley
Admiralty ADM 1/24713 1949-1953.
Career structure for naval officers with special reference to increasing number of seagoing appointments
Admiralty ADM 1/24697 1950-1953.
Grant of war service rank to officers on release or retirement
Admiralty ADM 1/24689 1953.
Trial conditions for contract built ships: report on sea trials of HMS Centaur
Admiralty ADM 1/24681 1953-1954.
Singapore: provision of Asian accommodation at Naval Base
Admiralty ADM 1/24665 1952-1953.
Singapore Naval Base Labour Union: dispute over conditions of service and arbitration procedure
Admiralty ADM 1/24657 1949-1953.
Sick pay for industrial workers in Malta Dockyard
Admiralty ADM 1/24617 1953-1954.
Formation of Home Guard units at Admiralty civil establishments
Admiralty ADM 1/24609 1953-1954.
Bermuda: transfer of surplus Admiralty and War Department lands to Bermuda government
Admiralty ADM 1/24537 1953-1954.
Progress in night flying
Admiralty ADM 1/24521 1953.
Flood rescue operations in Holland: assistance given by 705 RN Helicopter Squadron
Admiralty ADM 1/30085 1953-1962.
Cryptographic policy
Met Police London MEPO 2/9924 1960.
Operation "Hope Not": provisional arrangements for the ceremony of Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral.
Office of work and successors: Piece Detail WORK 21/312 1979.
Funeral of Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 5 September 1979: media arrangements
Admiralty ADM 1/27350 1953.
Ranging foreign warships
Admiralty ADM 1/27342 1953-1954.
Ceylon : defence questions arising from industrial unrest
Admiralty ADM 1/273263 1953.
Admiralty Development Establishment, Barrow: inventions
Admiralty ADM 1/25882 1950-1954.
Introduction of cap ribbons for HM coastal forces
Admiralty ADM 1/25260 1953-1957.
Boathook adapted for line reeving: reports and proposals
Admiralty ADM 1/24841 1953-1954.
Handling of ML Mk 4 loop sweep by a formation of Algerine class minesweepers: report
Admiralty ADM 1/24825 1953-1954.
Sale of HM Ships Quantock and Meynell to Ecuador
Admiralty ADM 1/24817 1953-1954.
HMS Warrior: relief of HMS Vengeance in Korean Waters
Admiralty ADM 1/24785 1953.
Maintenance of fleet mechanical equipment: report
Admiralty ADM 1/24777 1953.
Exercise SAC ONE (Arctic cruise by HM submarines Tireless and Alaric): report
Admiralty ADM 1/24769 1952-1955.
Anti-submarine training: expansion of Joint A/S School Londonderry and its relocation in event of war: possible requirement for NATO establishment in UK
Admiralty ADM 1/24761 1953-1954.
Turkish proposal to build war memorial at Gallipoli: policy on RN representation at unveiling ceremony
Admiralty ADM 1/247533 1953.
Salute for Pakistan Vice Consul at Basra by HMS Ceylon
Admiralty ADM 1/24745 1951-1953.
Craftsmen's merit pay scheme: review
Admiralty ADM 1/24737 1948-1953.
Use of bayonets: policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24729 1953-1954.
Reduction of noise in diesel engines: suggestions
Admiralty ADM 1/25203 1953.
Issue of special rations to Naval Brigade at Coronation
Admiralty ADM 1/25195 1953.
RN Minewatching Service : issue of peacetime uniform
Admiralty ADM 1/25187 1953-1954.
Wartime scales of uniforms for RN officers
Admiralty ADM 1/25170 1953-1955.
HM Yacht Britannia : provision of table linen
Admiralty ADM 1/25162 1953-1958.
Royal Yacht Service jumpers and trousers, class II : amendment to specification
Admiralty ADM 1/25146 1953.
RN/MN Liaison Scheme : attachment of RN officers to head offices of shipping companies
Admiralty ADM 1/25122 1953.
Ship Design Policy Committee : setting up of Submarine Development Sub-Committee
Admiralty ADM 1/25114 1953.
American rescue bell : trials on board HMS Reclaim
Admiralty ADM 1/25106 1953-1954.
Rebuilding of Admiral President's House, Greenwich College
Admiralty ADM 1/25098 1953.
Reported passage of controversial Turkish journalist in HMS Theseus : explanation by C-in-C Mediterranean
Admiralty ADM 1/25090 1952-1954.
Proposed leave concession for married men serving overseas
Admiralty ADM 1/25082 1953.
Argentine and Chilean landings on Deception Island
Admiralty ADM 1/25066 1953-1954.
Minecountermeasures work : policy on manpower requirements
Admiralty ADM 1/25058 1953.
Future of HMS Indomitable
Admiralty ADM 1/25050 1953.
Badges on naval guns : instructions as to method of application
Admiralty ADM 1/25002 1948-1954.
Code of summary punishments : reconsideration
Admiralty ADM 1/24994 1932-1953.
Use of naval theatres for public entertainments: policy and charges for use
Admiralty ADM 1/24986 1953.
Employment of Royal Fleet Reservists at RN barracks, Lee-on-Solent : report
Admiralty ADM 1/24978 1947-1953.
Council of Voluntary Welfare Work : drafting of charter
Admiralty ADM 1/24970 1953.
Designation of urologists and venereologists in RN medical service
Admiralty ADM 1/24954 1953-1954.
Malayan area : administrative planning
Admiralty ADM 1/24946 1947-1953.
Flying of courtesy flags by visiting ships
Admiralty ADM 1/24930 1953-1960.
Glass fibre snort head valve in submarines : evaluation
Admiralty ADM 1/24914 1953.
HMS Veryan Bay : report of Caribbean cruise 25 May - 24 June
Admiralty ADM 1/24906 1953.
Queen's colour : policy on loan from one command to another
Admiralty ADM 1/24898 1953.
Exercise CROSS BAR (combined fleet manoeuvre in Mediterranean) : orders and reports
Admiralty ADM 1/24890 1953.
Organisation of Naval Amphibious Group on mobilisation
Admiralty ADM 1/24882 1951-1961.
Chinese tanker SS Yung Hao (later HMS Surf Pilot): requisition and disposal
Admiralty ADM 1/24866 1953.
Royal Marine garrison on Deception Island : report of proceedings 11 February - 5 March
Admiralty ADM 1/24710 1953.
Consideration of appointment of a chaplain to HM Yacht Britannia
Admiralty ADM 1/24702 1951-1953.
Provision of flying training and experience for non-flying officers
Admiralty ADM 1.24686 1953.
Korea: information regarding ex-POWs and casualties
Admiralty ADM 1/24678 1953-1954.
Establishment schemes for locally entered Admiralty employees in Far Eastern stations
Admiralty ADM 1/24670 1952.
Proposed limitation on numbers of Admiralty civilian staff
Admiralty ADM 1/24662 1953-1958.
Dual stream entry of apprentices scheme: possible inclusion of ex-apprentices from Malta and Gibraltar
Admiralty ADM 1/24654 1953.
Singapore: dispute between Admiralty and Naval Base Labour Union over pay and allowances
Admiralty ADM 1/24638 1953-1955.
Institution of Fleet Air Arm recognition trophy to improve standard of training
Admiralty ADM 1/24630 1953-1955.
Rating aircrew: future career structure and conditions of service
Admiralty ADM 1/24622 1951.
Progress on preliminary official war history and suggested appointment of full time historian
Admiralty ADM 1/24534 1951-1953.
"Blue Sky" (guided weapons): reports on tracking trials
Admiralty ADM 1/24526 1949-1953.
Deck landing technique: voice and visual control systems
Admiralty ADM 1/24518 1947-1953.
Naval aircraft: future needs and tactical role
Admiralty ADM 1/28919 1952-1953.
Cruisers serving in Korean waters
Admiralty ADM 1/27344 1952-1954.
Custody of enemy alien seamen in war
Admiralty ADM 1/27336 1953.
New construction submarines
Admiralty ADM 1/27320 1953-1954.
Admiralty rights on Direction Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Group
Admiralty ADM 1/25262 1953-1954.
East Indies Station: addition to complement of Somali seamen and stokers
Admiralty ADM 1/24859 1953.
Defence of Loch Ewe in event of war
Admiralty ADM 1/24835 1953.
Possible amalgamation of Amphibious Warfare Organisation and Royal Marines
Admiralty ADM 1/24827 1951-1953.
Relaxation of control over German industry
Admiralty ADM 1/24811 1953.
Reports of Proceedings: HMS Implacable: Oct-Nov, carrying troops to West Indies
Admiralty ADM 1/24779 1953-1954.
Exercise GOALKEEPER (Singapore seaward defence): report and analysis
Admiralty ADM 1/24771 1950-1955.
RN armament depot at Gauspan, South Africa: proposed acquisition by Union Defence Force
Admiralty ADM 1/24763 1946-1953.
Presentation of wreaths: policy
Admiralty ADM 1/24755 1953.
Establishment of NATO Mediterranean Command
Admiralty ADM 1/24739 1953.
Claims against private firms for flood relief assistance rendered by Admiralty
Admiralty ADM 1/24731 1953-1955.
Anti-aircraft gun: design of new mounting
Admiralty ADM 1/25197 1953.
RN and RM caps : minor amendments to specification (including plastic chinstrap)
Admiralty ADM 1/25189 1953-1955.
Issue of a second blanket to naval ratings
Admiralty ADM 1/25181 1953-1954.
White semi-stiff collars for ratings : review of design
Admiralty ADM 1/25164 1951-1956.
Provision of naval flying boots
Admiralty ADM 1/25156 1953-1955.
Shallow water divers : proposal for cuff badge
Admiralty ADM 1/25148 1953-1955.
Trials of new design of coastal and inshore minesweepers
Admiralty ADM 1/25140 1953-1954.
Transmission of signals : policy
Admiralty ADM 1/25116 1952-1953.
Air supply to sunken submarines : handling trials of air hoses
Admiralty ADM 1/25084 1953-1956.
Long-term air trooping contracts : consideration
Admiralty ADM 1/25068 1953.
America and West Indies station : provision of additional frigate
Admiralty ADM 1/25052 1952-1954.
Flag Officer, Second-in-Command, Mediterranean : provision of official residence
Admiralty ADM 1/25044 1947-1954.
Plymouth 1914-1918 naval war memorial : proposed extension to commemorate those killed during 1939-1945
Admiralty ADM 1/24988 1953.
Recruitment of ex-Borstal boys
Admiralty ADM 1/24964 1953.
Nerve gas
Admiralty ADM 1/24956 1953.
Deployment of forces : preparation of an interservice plan (Plan Xenophon)
Admiralty ADM 1/24916 1953-1954.
HM hospital ship Maine : disposal
Admiralty ADM 1/24908 1946-1956.
Establishment of saluting batteries at Rosyth and HMS Phoenica (Malta)
Admiralty ADM 1/24884 1953-1954.
Establishment of pilotless target aircraft range on Malta
Admiralty ADM 1/24876 1953.
Ceremonial parades in Commonwealth countries : order of precedence
Admiralty ADM 1/24712 1909-1936.
HM King George VI: details of naval career and lists of officers with whom he served
Admiralty ADM 1/24704 1953.
Korean casualties: proposed new category "Missing, believed POW"
Admiralty ADM 1/24696 1952-1953.
HRH Duke of Edinburgh: promotion to rank of Admiral
Admiralty ADM 1/24680 1953-1957.
Perkar, Ceylon: reprovision of Anderson W/T station
Admiralty ADM 1/24640 1953-1954.
Sea Venom Squadron (Nos 809, 890 and 891): formation and rearming
Admiralty ADM 1/24632 1953.
Economic employment of older officers, particularly aircrew: proposals
Admiralty ADM 1/24624 1953.
Funeral of HM Queen Mary: report on arrangements for naval participation
Admiralty ADM 1/24608 1953.
Entry and training of National Service pilots and observers and transfer to short service commissions
Admiralty ADM 1/24536 1953.
Angle deck trials held on board USS Antietam: reports
Admiralty ADM 1/24520 1953-1954.
Anti-Submarine Helicopter Trials Unit: formation
POW Search Guide 20
Cabinet CAB 129/37 Defence Estimates, 1950-51.
Cabinet CAB 129/62 1953. Atomic Energy Organisation
Cabinet CAB 129/84 Libya Twenty year agreement between the UK and Libya from 1953.
Cabinet CAB 129/52 1953.  Scale of coronation celebrations.
Cabinet CAB 23/90A 1953. Consideration of the strength of Great Britain with that of certain other nations as at 1st January 1953.
Cabinet CAB 129/98 Relations with the Maldives. By virtue of the 1953 Protection Agreement, but having embarked on the detailed agreements covering our day-to-day use of Gan it is unsatisfactory to leave them unsigned. Their existence unsigned lends colour to stories that we have no right to be at Gan. Date: 1959.
Cabinet CAB 129/77 Nation Servicemen. Even though the number of national-service men in the Royal Navy is small, about10 per cent of the main branches (seamen and engineer-mechanics) serving in ships in commission come from this source.  Date: 1955.
News. Communist activity in Great Britain.The activities of Communists and suspected Communists in the Royal Navy dockyards, complementing the files on sabotage included in the last set of released records. There are four files that focus on Communism at Chatham dockyard, starting in 1931.
Air Ministry and MOD.
AIR 2/14658
Proposed General Service Medal Suez operations 1956 . Proposed General Service Medal Suez operations 1956 Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence: Registered Files Date range: 1957 - 1958