Hello.  It is Easter Sunday 2011 {when we traditionally sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today"], and the weather is glorious, just one more day in an unseasonal spate of everlasting, wall-to-wall, sunshine and matching temperature days {24 plus]:  let's hope that this is a rehearsal of Summer to come, and not a replacement for it, and before you offer any comments, the answer is no, I have not been drinking, nor have I seen "the light".

This coming week [Sunday 24th April 2011] sees two major events, one nationally and the preferred option, and one locally but with a pronounced naval, and yes national ambience, which, in naval parlance, we would not wish on our worst oppo's. For these reasons, it could be considered a quasi national event, but in reality it is a Royal Naval Submariners event.

I often think that having ones own website, one can do a so-called Rupert Murdoch, whereby everything published fits the Murdoch family doctrinal, or in my case the Dykes doctrinal, but for this page, I wish only that my views are aired. I would not willingly put my head above the parapets, nor would I claim to be religious, though certainly a believer and in the Christian faith, so I will not write hymns or pen written prayers, nor will I attempt to preach, at anyone.

The Royal Wedding {the national event} speaks for itself and I have absolutely nothing to add here which will amplify, qualify or enhance that lovely big Royal day, and for the record, I am blissfully delighted that such a lovely girl from a quintessential English family background will one day become the Queen of my grandchildren, and the mother of the monarch's of my future grandchildren and great grandchildren. Were I to be alive when Prince William claims the Throne, I would kneel to this lovely couple whom to me somehow represent the York's [though different protocol of course not to mention many generation gaps] of years gone by, manifest in the persons of George VI and his lovely {Scottish} wife Elizabeth of Mey.  They together will bring much cheer and prestige to the peoples of the United Kingdom in years to come.

The other event is that of the family funeral of Ian Molyneux, murdered in cold blood onboard HM Submarine Astute, whose family has graciously allowed it to be a naval funeral.  I say graciously because the navy and in particular the submarine service, wanted most of all to say a traditional submariners 'goodbye' to a man who quite literally brought both 'brains' and 'faithful service' to the submarine service, although as I understand it, he might have said 'navy' in place of 'submariner' and that above all else, Gillian and her family wanted most a private goodbye, away from the camera's, the reporters pen and the members of the Royal Navy attending. I am pleased to note that a compromise has been reached which will honour Gillian's wishes to the full without sidelining the naval/submariners goodbye.

On that day of the funeral, Thursday 28th April 2011, my prayers, repeated a thousand times over by literally millions of people lamenting Ian's passing, will be for Gillian and her family with a hope that Ian rests in peace and that Gillian and her children are blessed and looked after spiritually and materially for all eternity, by God and by organisations tasked with the welfare of service families.  We can rest assured that both the benefactors mentioned will fulfil their tasks and Gillian and her bairns will be protected in the years to come.

However, as Gillian grieves then so might the loved one's of Donovan, the murderer.  Ian is lost to his family by the grave but Donovan is lost to his family to a living notoriety and shame, not to mention an imprisonment which for the family, will be hard to bear and yet a just punishment for Donovan himself - let us all hope that if found guilty, life means life!  Donovan's family cannot be blamed for Donovan's actions and yet they will spend the rest of their lives remembering his actions, as Gillian will spend the rest of her life remembering her beloved husband and father of her children.  Both Gillian and Donovan's loved ones are "punished" although in entirely different ways.  This doesn't stop me, and I hope not others, for asking in our prayers to also comfort the Donovan family in their hour of need, when clearly they see the vast majority of mourners taking the natural side of the Molyneux's, forgetting that they [the Donovan's] would give anything within their power to reverse the actions of Donovan, and see his actions as an eternal damnation for the Donovan family. Ian, and rightly, will always be revered and he will be a part of the good {if hapless} part of our history whereas Donovan will for ever thus [and rightly] be considered as an evil person to be cast out as the villain of the piece.  So, please remember Donovan's parents et al on this coming Thursday and grant all involved from both sides, the strength to face the rigours of the court case yet to be convened.

I am a former submariner and in boats, we all tend to know one another's business. One thing we all know and realise is the sanctity of the families back home on terra firma, and each of those families are regarded as ROYAL FAMILIES.  When a submariner turns rotten, it certainly does not follow that his family back home turns rotten just to support him.

My best regards to all.