At this time of writing [5th May 2012] there is much talk about who gets the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal and who doesn't.

It is well known that for Her Majesties SILVER JUBILEE the associated Medal was awarded on the draw of a straw, and much unfairness ensued! I say this because a youngster in the ship company could have chosen the longest straw [short straws are for subsequent punishments however administered] and by so doing, usurped the OBVIOUS RIGHT for a member of the ships company whose service start date at least coincided with the Sovereign's, but failing that, at least started his service near to the beginning of the Reign.

Then came a change of rule about the award of Jubilee Medals which was widely acceptable as unequivocal and fair.  Fair that is, in the sense that SERVING MEMBERS at the time of the Jubilee would receive this medal with reservation on a qualifying of service date......a time period to be served to qualify. Thus, all members of the armed forces [with the reservation limiting the issue] received the much cherished 'gong' for the Queens GOLDEN JUBILEE.

The same rules apply for the DIAMOND JUBILEE Medal.

There is no provision for Veterans [or those not serving in June 2012] to receive the Medal.

This leave room for temptation, in that the Veteran might seek to acquire the DJM [and also retrospectively the GJM and the SJM] as his or her right. This would be perfectly acceptable as long as the acquirer recognises the officialdom [or otherwise] of a Medal not issued by the MOD. So, if you are tempted, and you must have this medal be aware of the following.

An official medal of this sort [Coronation and Jubilee Medals plus others - George Medal for example] ALWAYS shows the The Queen looking RIGHT with a ribbon of a unique design terminating in a 'V' shape on the ring holding the medal to the ribbon. An unofficial medal ALWAYS shows The Queen looking LEFT with a ribbon which bears no resemblance in design or colour to the official ribbon, and moreover, connects the medal to the ribbon on a square bar.  It is therefore obvious [nay, it shouts] that it is UNOFFICIAL and as such, cannot be worn with SERVICE MEDALS.  The latter is known as a commemorative medal and after purchase, it should be proudly displayed [not worn] to denote an association with the event during one's own service time, simply meaning [for example] that if your were not in the navy in 1977 you should not be displaying a SJM.  

The official DJM The unofficial DJM