Date line PM 17th December 2012

Tongue-in-Cheek, but if I gave you a box of numbers, let's say pennant numbers, and told you to assign them to each boat as it came off the production line [and note, we only have one production line which is in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria] wouldn't you assign them chronologically?

Yes, of course you would - we are not thick "skimmers" are we?

Indeed, you would choose S119 for ASTUTE; S120 for AMBUSH; S121 for ARTFUL; S122 for AUDACIOUS; S123 for ANSON with S124 and S125 waiting for a name, although you will know that we don't show them on the boat anymore.  They are bad for publicity, confuse the need for stealth,  and deny the sub-spotting anorak a bit of pleasure!

But what about if I gave you a box with four letter callsigns, all increasing alphabetically in the fourth detail, and sometimes in the third detail also - how then?

So, let's roll them off and start with the ASTUTE.  She is GYAU, the first of the Class.

Next comes the AMBUSH. Could it be GYAV? Surely! But no. it is GYAT. Oops, aren't we decreasing alphabetically?

ARTFUL follows on with GYAS, but AUDACIOUS has not yet been assigned but could be GYAR.

The name ANSON has been agreed upon for the sixth boat but boats seven and eight are as yet unnamed, at least into the public domain.

As a prediction, AUDACIOUS is going to be GYAR, ANSON will be GYAQ and the other two GYAP and GYAO

Not confusing and it really does not matter one damn, but.......!