Throughout the many pages on my website,  I have mentioned branches, rates, and job titles.  One in particular is this page's.htm which took  a snap shot of the job titles of the 1970's, now 43 years on!  I see that my job was listed as a Communicator, a Fleet Chief Radio Supervisor {WO1}, later to be a Warrant Officer Radio Supervisor {WORS} when the navy did not have a WO2, and later still a WO1 CIS, one of todays titles.

Note that there were 325 separate male rating job titles back then, and that women, not then in the RN, are not listed. In a moment, we will compare like for like comparing the ratings of today with the ratings of those times.

First, I intend to touch upon general terms used today many of which were used back then, and then to look at the composition of today's navy, moving to look at officer titles and jobs.

The navy today [like the Army and the Air Force] now relies upon reservists unlike in the 1970's when reservists rarely served in combat zones, and is still formed into three descriptions namely the Surface Fleet, the Submarine Fleet and the Fleet Air Arm which as of then, are still referred to as GS, SM and FAA with GS standing for General Service. The expressions RNR and RMR are still used but added to which are a few new and important titles. These are FTRS = Full Time Reserve Service, FTRS Regular = FTRS Personnel Counted Against the Regular Liability, Transfer Trainees = People who are trained but are undergoing further training in an alternative discipline. The expression CS = Careers Service is still extant.

The navy today is, in figures released in March 2013, as follows:-

Total Naval Service = 31560 of which 24680 are Royal Navy and 6880 are Royal Marines

There are 6240 officers serving, 5240 in the navy and 780 in the marines. There are 25320 ratings, 19220 in the navy with 6100 Royal Marines other ranks.

In the three descriptions mentioned above, the Surface Fleet [GS] has 22010 {RN 15220 and 6780 marines}. The Submarine Service 4300 all Royal Navy.  The Fleet Air Arm 5260 {RN 5160 and RM 90}.

Now to 2013 officer branches and job titles.

Essentially there are eight separate branches which are Warfare, Engineering, Logistic, Medical, Chaplain, No Specialisation, Other and Royal Marines. Within these Branches are the following jobs.

a.  Warfare. Air Traffic Control
                     Electronic Warfare
                     Fighter Controller
                     General Service Warfare
                     HM = Hydrographic and Meteorological
                     Mine Clearance Diver
                     Mine Warfare
                     PWO = Principal Warfare Officer
                     PWO[A] = Principal Warfare Officer [Air]
                     PWO[C] = Principal Warfare Officer [[Communications]
                     PWO[N] = Principal Warfare Officer [Navigation]
                     RN Police
                     Other and No Value

b.  Engineering.  Air Engineer
                            E[IS] = Engineer Information Service
                            E[IS SM] = Engineer Information Service Submarine
                            E[TM] = Engineering Training Manager
                            E[TM SM] = Engineering Training Manager Submarine
                            Marine Engineer
                            Marine Engineer [Submariner]
                            Weapon Engineer
                            Weapon Engineer [Submariner]

Logistics.   Barrister
                   CMA = Chartered Management Accountant
                   Logistics Family Services

Medical.   Medical.
                  Dental Services
                  QARNNS = Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
                  Medical Services


No Spec.

Other.      Includes Careers Service

Royal Marines. Band Service.
                           General Service = All RM's excluding Aviation, Career and Band

Finally, to the ratings of 2013:-

Here there are nine branches far far fewer than in 1970.

They are XR, XSM, XAV, Eng GS [EGS], Eng SM [ESM], Air Eng [EAE], Logistics, Medical, Royal Marines.

Under each title comes:_

XR = Warfare General Service:-

           WS.  Warfare Specialist
           WS[AWT].  Warfare Specialist Above Water Tactical
           WS[AWW].  Warfare Specialist Above Water Warfare
           WS[UW].  Warfare Specialist Underwater Warfare
           WS[EW].  Warfare Specialist Electronic Warfare
           CIS.  Communications Information Systems
           HM.  Hydrographical Meteorological
           HM[H].  Survey Recorders - Now part of the Hydrographical and Meteorological Specialisation
           HM[M].  Naval Meteorological - Now part of the Hydrographical and Meteorological Specialisation
           MW.  Mine Warfare
           SEA.  Seaman Specialist
           WPNA.  Weapon Analyst
           PT.  Physical Training Instructor
           RN Police
           CT.  Communications Technician

XSM = Warfare Submarine:-

             Coxswain [SM]. 
             WS[SSM].  Warfare Specialist Sensors Submarine
             WS[STM].  Warfare Specialist Tactical Submarine
             CISSM.  Communications Information Systems Submarine

XAV = Warfare Aviation and Royal Marine Aircrew:-

             Aircrewmen.  Royal Naval Aircrew
             NA['AC].  Naval Airman Air Controller
             NA[AH].  Naval Airman Aircraft Handler
             NA[PHOT].  Naval Airman Photographer
             RM Aircrew.  Royal Marines Aircrew

Eng GS[EGS] = General Service Engineers:-

            MEM.  Marine Engineering Mechanic
            WEM.  Weapons Engineering Mechanic
            ET[ME].  Engineering Technician Marine Engineer
            ET[WE].  Engineering Technician Weapon Engineer
            ETS.  Education Training and Support

Eng SM[ESM] = Submarine Engineers:-

            ET[MESM].  Engineering Technician Marine Engineer Submarine
            ET[WESM].  Engineering Technician Weapon Engineer Submarine
            MEM.  Marine Engineering Mechanic
            WEM.  Weapon Engineering Mechanic

Air Eng [EA] = Air Engineering:-

             AEA.  Air Engineer Artificer
             AEM.  Air Engineer Mechanic
             AET.    Air Engineering Technician
             NA[SE].  Naval Airman Survival Equipment

Logistics [LOGS] = Logistics:-

              Caterer.  Logistics Catering Service.
              Chef.  Logistics Catering Service Preparation.
              Family Services.
              Steward.  Logistics Catering Service Delivery
              Supply Chain.  Logistics Supply Chain.
              Writer.  Logistics Personnel


               Dental Hyg.  Dental Hygienist
               Dental SA.  Dental Surgery Assistant
               Med Asst. Medical Assistant
               NN.  Naval Nurse
               RM Med Asst.  Royal Marines Medical Assistant
               Med Tech.  Medical Technician

Royal Marines.

                RM GS.  Royal Marines General Service
                RM BS.  Royal Marines Band Service


                Careers RN
                Careers RM

Since the time of the 1970 DCI mentioned above, the lower deck rates have remained buoyant except that the Ordinary Rate has gone but the WO2 is an addition.