The in-phrase is now PPD [Personal Protection Device] to "protect" ourselves  against  what we perceive to be people {with camera's, mainly phone-camera's} pointing their camera's in our direction or policemen pointing speed camera's at our vehicles, or the array of CCTV camera's sited at every public venue and daily on the streets of our towns and cities, and we are becoming more and more paranoid about the subject.

Whilst there is really precious little we can do about the street casual cameraman, other than to cause an altercation which nine times of ten would be irrational and truly paranoid, those in authority can ban photography in all its forms from events over which they have total control, like for example, school plays involving children from the movie camera [even wielded by a doting parent]. We should of course remain circumspect at all times in matters concerning privacy.

'Identity Stealing' we are told is on the increase, and here again, there are lots of agencies set-up and designed to cope with this threat.  The banks and those issuing identity documents, take great steps to make this a difficult thing to do, but loss/theft of ID cards, credit/debit cards and the like [the latter of course with the relevant PIN] can never be regulated, and the law abiding citizen must be as street-wise as are the thieves, by conducting regular and thorough observations of bank account statements and having to hand, the number to call to cancel cards before any damage is done.  Other forms of Identity Theft will always receive a sympathetic hearing when reported to the police.

Fixed speed camera's are well documented and one should never be caught out in this manner.  One must also remember that many are not even connected but only a foolhardy person would tempt his luck unless absolutely certain. It could be argued that the most effective PPD is to maintain the correct speed limit.  Also, it is possible to mask the true car registration number though of course only the person with a criminal mind would resort to that.  Portable radar speed camera's are easy to pick out with the right piece of equipment readily available, but are frowned upon by most police forces although they are not entirely illegal to own.  They are the quintessential PPD !

There are other PPD's out there, obvious ones like anti-rape devices for women, but also knives and guns for those classed by society as hard-core criminals - live by the......die by their epithet but fortunately, they are in the minority in all societies in all lands. Nevertheless, this weapon carrying community rate a knife or a gun as the ultimate PPD.

Now, as the technology implicit in the above paragraphs oils the wheels of our personal daily dealings with finances, passport, passes per se, licences, certificates, laws to be obeyed for the common good etc, other technology controls our very movements whether they be at home in domestic situations,  abroad when travelling on holidays, defence, emergency services, and entertainments especially those brought to us from far distant venues.  Some of these technologies are now so well entrenched in our global modus operandi, that without them we couldn't function as human beings and any failure in these facilities would result in mayhem not to mention incalculable damage to things like our health, well being, food production and juxtaposed with that, starvation and deprivation.

Perhaps the most tangible of all present day technologies is the Global Positioning Satellite system [GPS] which just about anything that moves, uses, including pedestrians with hand held devices. Imagine therefore if GPS systems failed ? Frankly, one cannot ! But what about a group of people, unquantifiable at this stage, who consider that a GPS system is invasive to their privacy: for example, it allow 'Big Brother' to pin-point their position on earth and they need a PPD against that invasion. Would it be possible for an individual to walk around carrying a portable device which would destroy the GPS signal in his or her area, and for many hundreds of meters around.

Well, that has come to pass especially in the U.S.A., and there is a real danger that the devices which constitute the PPD will shortly be available world wide. The disruption of SATNAV as installed into millions of private motor cars would be bad enough, but what about the fly-by-wire system of a commercial aircraft, a military fighter aircraft, a satellite carrying many channels of information from telephone calls to data to television, the national freight road transport infrastructure etc etc ?

In the following file I show you what is currently happening in the U.S.A., {2010-2011} and I can also tell you that there is a matching conference going on in Europe right now the results from which are not yet known or published. It is a new problem of potential global disruption endangering the lives of millions of people and bringing to a halt essential services. A scary read to say the least !