This story comes from a Victorian Journal dated 1900 and before. I have copied it using a scanner, but the resultant print is too small to be of any use on a web site. Therefore I have increased the size of the overall picture [text and pictures] which would ordinarily make the resultant file too big to download in a quick enough way to keep visitors interested.  To speed things up and to effect a quick[er] download, I have reduced the resolution, but not that much so as to make a poor quality file. Naturally I have tested the speed of the download and I am quite confident that most of you will not grumble.  Use your scroll bars to move around inside the picture to see the easy to read text and the easy to view pictures. 

Can you image coaling ship period, but to do it at sea?  The mind boggles! As of old, at least from the 1760's when we left their country, we tend to follow the American lead, and thus, you will find a Royal Navy attempt towards the bottom of the page.