Is it Scotland the BRAVE or Scotland the DEPRESSIVE?


I find it easy to be happy given my lot in life, until that is, I pick up a newspaper or switch my television on: then I become depressed at what I see, read and hear.

I have the BBC news as my home page on my computer <> and as stated it is depressive reading albeit a useful and easy to hand source to keep abreast of world affairs, at least those the editor of the page thinks we should know about.

Scrolling down the page, one comes to a section called "more from the UK" which offers news from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland cameos. I was lured to this section at the time when the Scots, or should I say the republican Scots, ergo the minority of Scots, mooted a cede from the union of the United Kingdom, and it was a useful tester-of-the-waters to get a feel for what really was going on north of the border.

I guess that there is a page editor assisted by four other sub editors each addressing their own cameo, and it has become apparent over time, that the person writing snippets for Scotland, is a depressant, for his cameo conveys virtually nothing but gloom and doom on a daily basis. Given the size of Scotland's population, I am amazed at the number of deaths which occur ranging from murders, accidents, fights and those whilst in NHS Scotland care; the sheer apparent deprivation of the country manifest in stated, nay over stated, levels of poverty; under performing of its schools and services [NHS, transport, legal and policing systems]; the overt hatred of one another when viewed from a religious platform [protestant versus catholic which is alien to English people] and that is only surpassed by a needless and incoherent dislike for what they term "the English" when what they really mean, is all mention of the UK, except for Scotland. It seems strange that the minority of Scots have so much to say which is anti this and anti that, that an unsuspecting English man could so easily consider it to be the official line of Scotland. After all, most of it comes from Holyrood, from the devolved Scottish parliament, acting they believe for and on behalf of all Scots, when we, south of the border know that most of the Scots [the simple majority] want a fair-Scotland within the status quo, led, as for all within the UK, by the Crown and Westminster. From my dealings with Scotland and the Scots, I glean that they are just like us, not happy with everything, seeing things as unfair, but conscious that the UK is a precious family with few [if any] better places and systems as an alternative.

So, come on the BBC - ditch your Scottish cameo writer and replace him with a pro-union Scot telling us non-Scots all the good things we know about a nation, the UK would be the poorer for were we to lose it from the family.

Take care and be happy!  

But please don't leave the page before reading my next missive, the purport of which truly worries me?