OUR HOUSE IS UNDER ATTACK BY MANY ANIMALS on a daily basis - Muntjac deer, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants,  bats, owls and a whole host of other birds*, this, despite the precautions taken, and just recently by a pair of much-in-love red-legged partridges'!

At several times throughout the day, we hear a prolonged, sustained and heavy attack on one of the lower windows of the house.

The noise is generated {at least 110dB's ?} by the beak/head butting of a male red legged partridge attacking his own image [the window acting as a mirror] whilst his female partner stands close by watching her knight in shinning armour protecting her, acting out her propriety in a dignified manner.

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* When I was a boy there was a famous part-animated Disney movie called "Song of the South" which covered the trails of Uncle Remus. From the movie came the famous 'hit' song called Zip-a-dee-doo-dah which only the finest stars of the day - Doris Day etc - could supplant its popularity. Living here reminds me of that movie!