If you are thinking this

it's hard work getting it right.mp4

and you have used previously Windows 7, 8 or 8[1]

then your 'fears' are ill-founded!

Windows 10 is simply the best of 7 and 8 cobbled together to make this "new" system, so one might say nothing new there. Well, one would not be wrong in that assumption, and in truth, all that has really changed, except for a brilliant new browser called "EDGE", is the whereabouts of the familiar programmes, control panel, emailing, etc.

It has even allowed you to keep your desk-top from your old system if you are up-grading to Windows 10 say from Windows 7, otherwise it comes with a desk-top if you acquire the system from other means. If you up-grade for free, you receive the same grade as you have up-graded from e.g. from Windows 7 Home edition, you get Windows 10 Home edition.

However, if you are a user of the Window's XP or VISTA systems, you will not be as lucky and your route to technical modernity will be very different. Since I migrated from XP several years ago to 7 and subsequently to 8 changed by Microsoft to SP 1, I am in no position to assist you, regrettably.

Hope this helps those teetering on whether to leave either 7 or 8/8[1]for 10, because it is easier that one might think, and as I have hinted to above, for very little gain! Apart from "EDGE" all in 10 you will have already seen and used in 7/8/8[1].

Good luck.