Almost every naval port in the mid 19th century had its own suite of warships which we would have called the Reserve Fleet and which Victorians called

"Non-EFFECTIVE Ships, Hulks and others" in 1854.

Some of their uses are obvious,  whilst others are either not, or unstated. When not assigned a task, means that the ship is readily available as a fighting unit, as is the case of the 'Andromache'' laying at Devonport, or panned-out, Armada a 3rd Rater.

Receiving ships were "joining routine barracks" for pay, pensions, bedding and kit etc.  A "hulk" was a living space accommodation, an often dreadful place.  A 'Tender' looks after the accounts, victualling, ammunitioning etc on a given station or for a given ship or set of ships. A pay yacht traversed around the anchored fleet distributing money to pay the crew. Notice the numbers of 'convict ships'.  Notice by this time that the infamous ship HMS Pompee had been decommissioned and reprocessed as kindling see this file. http://www.godfreydykes.info/POMPEY_WHY_IS_IT_SO_CALLED.htm

There is also an excellent but rather large record of a slightly earlier time in the convict ship Royal Charlotte for the period 1824 and 1825.  It comes from the "Medical and Surgical" journal of that ship and is written by the Surgeon and Superintendent. It can be found as file ADM 101/65/4 in the National Archives.


For Harbour Service.

Ackbar, Quarantine Service, Liverpool.
Aigle, Coal Depot, Woolwich.
Alligator, Hosp. Ship, Hong Kong.
Andromache, Devonport.
Argo, Receiving Ship, Devonport.
Armada, 3rd rate, Devonport.
Bacchante, Chatham.
Bacchus (late Arethusa), Devonport.
Badger, Mooring Vessel, Cape of Good Hope.
Bathurst, Coast Guard Service, Medway.
Beagle, Coast Guard Service, Crouch River.
Bellona, Receiving Ship, Devonport.
Belvidea, Hulk, Portsmouth.
Black Prince, Convict Hulk, Chatham.
Blake, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Blanche, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Blonde, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Boadicea, Divisional Ship, Chatham
Bramble, Tender, Australia
Briton, Convict Ship, Portsmouth.
Cadmus, Coast Guard Service, Whitstable.
Camperdown, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Ceylon, Receiving Ship, Malta.
Chanticleer, Coast Guard Serv. Crouch River.
Charger, Coal Depot, Woolwich.
Chatham, Sheer Hulk, Chatham.
Chatham, Pay Yacht.

Clinker, Coast Guard Serv. Cuckmere Haven
Cornwallis. Devonport.
Coromandel, Convict Ship, Bermuda.
Dartmouth, 5th rate, Chatham.
Defence, Convict Hulk, Portsmouth.
Dispatch, Sheer Hulk, Bermuda.
Devonshire, Divisional Ship, Chatham.
Diana, Divisional Ship, Chatham.
Doterel, Receiving Ship, Bermuda.
Dreadnought, Seaman's Hosp. Ship, Greenwich.
Dromedary, Convict Ship, Bermuda.
Druid, Quarantine Service, Liverpool.
Dryad, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Duncan, Quarantine Service, Standgate Creek.
Eclipse, Coast Guard Service, Rye.
Egeria, Receiving Ship, Devonport.
Emulous, Coast Guard Service, Haven Hole.
Espoir, Brig, Devonport.
Ethalion, Receiving Ship, Harwich.
Euryalus, Convict Ship, Gibraltar.
Flamer, Coast Guard Service, Greenhithe.
Fortitude, Coal Depot, Chatham.
Griffon, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Griper, Coast Guard Service, Chichester Harbour.
Hastings, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.
Havock, Coast Guard Service, Hamble River.
Hebe, Convict Ship. Woolwich.
Hope, Quarantine Service, Milford.
Hotspur, Convict Hulk.
Hussar, Receiving Ship, Chatham.
Icarus, Coast Guard Service, Lymington.
Investigator, Thames Police Station, Thames.
Jupiter, Coal Depot, Devonport.
Jutitia, Convict Hulk, Woolwich..

Lavinia, Quarantine Service, Liverpool.

Laurel, Divisional Ship, Portsmouth.

Lively, Receiving Hulk, Devonport.

Maidstone, Coal Depot, Portsmouth.

Malabar, Coal Depot. Portsmouth.

Medway, Convict Ship, Bermuda.

Menelaus, Quarantine Service, Motherbank.

Mersey, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

Messenger, Coal Depot, Woolwich.

Miilgrave, Lazaretto, Milford.

Nymph, Receiving Ship, Sheerness.

Ocean, 2nd rate, Sheerness.

Owen Glendower, Convict Ship, Gibraltar.

Pallas, Coal Depot, Devonport.

Partridge, Coast Guard Service, Southampton.

Pelican, Watch Vessel, Rye.

Pelter, Coast Guard Service, Folkestone.

Pitt, Coal Depot, Portsmouth.

Plymouth, Pay Yacht

Portsmouth. Pay Yacht

Pyramus, Receiving Ship, Halifax.

Queen Charlotte, Portsmouth.

Haven, Watch Vessel, Mizner Haven.

Reindeer, Brig, Gibraltar.

Rhine, Quarantine Service, Standgate Creek.

Royal George, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

Royal Oak, Receiving Ship, Bermuda.

Safety, Receiving Ship, Tortola.

St. Lawrence Receiving Ship, Sheerness.

Salsette, Receiving Ship, Woolwich.

Samarang, 6th rate, Gibraltar.

Sapphire, Receiving Ship, Trincomalee.

Savage, Brig, Devonport.

Seringapatam, Coal Depot, Simons Bay.

Shamrock, Coast Guard Service, Medway.

Sheldrake, Brig, Devonport.

Sirius, Divisional ship, Portsmouth.

Snapper, Coast Guard Service.

Spartiate, Sheer Hulk, Devonport.

Stirling Castle, Convict Ship, Portsmouth.

Sulphur, Receiving Hulk; Woolwich.

Sultan, Divisional Ship, Portsmouth.

Surprise, Convict Hulk, Cork.

Tartar, Receiving Ship, Chatham.

Tees, Chapel, Liverpool.

Tenedos, Convict Ship, Bermuda.

Thames, Convict Ship, Bermuda.

Thisbe, Divisional Ship, Devonport.

Topaze, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

Tyrian, Quarantine Service, Motherbank.

Undaunted, 4th rate, Portsmouth.

Unite, Convict Hulk, Woolwich.

Venus, Marine Society's Ship, Woolwich.

Victorious, Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

Vigo, Receiving Ship, Devonport.

Warrior, Convict Ship, Woolwich.

Wellington, 3rd rate, Sheerness.

Weymouth, Receiving Hulk, Bermuda.

Woodlark, Tender, Woolwich.

Wolf, Coal Depot, Kingston, Dublin.

                                                                                                                                           Wye, Convict Ship, Woolwich.