Watching some of our shameful MP's get their comeuppance for corruption and theft our our money [taxes] with more yet to come to justice, puts me in mind of the damage the Houses of Parliament are doing to our Armed Forces, with, in my case, a special bias to the destruction of the Royal Navy. Whilst I cannot say it is corruption, I can say that it is a short-sighted action which could [certainly in the next ten years] lead to our destruction; meaning ten years without a FAA. Just like the known corrupt Members of the Houses, these wreckers of our navy should also be put on a charge, not of the domestic greed nature, but of the more serious nature of 'hazarding our country'.

That brought me to a recent piece of research I have just completed.

In 1948, the Naval Legal Department [NL] issued a directive {NL 257/1948} - which now collects dust in the National Archives under file number ADM [Admiralty] ADM 1/21233 - which should be resurrected and brought back into being today to meet my claim above.

The document was an Admiralty edict concerning the arrest of PEER'S and MP's on military charges. True, its main point was the procedure to be used [once the arrests had been made] to inform firstly HM the King [but today of course the Queen] and secondly the Houses of Parliament, but the fact there was a procedure for the likelihood of such crimes is as relevant today as it was then back sixty three years ago.

Their actions are a clear crime against the correct functioning of the fleet and as such we should be able to arrest them on military charges.