By 1967, I had had done TWO work-up's in this, at that time, barren land.  Rhu Narrows were a good run ashore compared with the Compound Canteen, which unfortunately, though I am not telling why, caught fire.  Our nearest run-ashore was Helensburgh and the Sally Army Hostel was the main attraction - and remember, wherever you were, no booze on a Sunday was Scottish Law.

In both work-up's I was a petty officer submariner, a Radio Supervisor, the first in HM S/M AURIGA commissioned for service in SM6 based on Halifax Nova Scotia Canada [Skipper was Lt Cdr M R Wilson Royal Navy] in 1962, and the second, also as the Radio Supervisor in Auriga, but this time commissioned for service in SM7 based on Singapore in 1965 [Skipper was Lt Cdr John Round-Turner].  In between times I had the Grampus based on Blockhouse, Gosport and periods inboard as 'spare crew'.

I found this article and considered it worthy of publishing and I hope you enjoy the read.

FASLANE IN 1967.pdf