Eric Silk left the Royal Navy as a Fleet Chief Petty Officer [a Warrant Officer 1st Class] after a full naval career, boy and man. He emigrated to the USA where he eventually married a lady called Iris.

He was a larger than life character being disliked by a few and loved by thousands.  He worked hard, reaching his professional pinnacle by undertaking the 1969 Radio Communications Instructor Course, a demanding course with a small vocational element and a very large academic element.  Only eight men took the course that year and three failed to qualify.  On that course with Eric was myself and John Eilbeck [all successful candidates] whose writings I support over on this page He also played hard sometimes causing controversy, but always knew when to stop his merry-making.  He was truly a man for all involved with his life, a man's man, a lady's man and above all else a genuine and good friend to all who bothered to fathom his modus operandi.  I did, and never regretted it. That he went to live in the USA was their gain and our loss, although as I understand it, he continued to fly the UK and the RN Flags long after he settled across the pond. 

Sadly both Eric and John are now deceased. Eric died in April 2009 and John in October 2012.  Both deaths touched me greatly. I read a eulogy at John's funeral and remember well the day Eric's widow Iris, conveyed Eric's death to us in the UK.

Iris is still in touch and has recently sent me a file containing pictures of Eric whilst serving in the RN. Surprisingly, most are of him as a young sailor and only one of him in a peaked-cap as the Radio Supervisor of his Leander-Class frigate. None are of him as a Chief or as a Warrant Officer - mores the pity.  Still, this is the file already seen by some but now available for all who browse to this my site. Enjoy it and think back to those days, now long ago, when Eric's smile and teasing ways would bring a sense of humour even when things were not supposed to be humourous, often raising the morale especially of his younger charges. Life really does miss guys like Eric and it was a privilege to have known him and to have served with him. May he always RIP, and God knows how those angels have coped with his flair for life up above?

Enjoy the pictures.!i=2873179470&k=hMjPqGm

PS. For those who remember Bob Lomas and [Flash] Gordon, also Warrant Officers who emigrated to the States, they too passed on prematurely. RIP lads.