This is a picture of Captain C L Firth DSO MVO Royal Navy

and, as you can see he was the Captain of HMS Mercury, in 1946.

In 1946, he was the boss of an organisation which created a naval record, a record never surpassed, at least from my researches dating back to November 1918.

Have a look here to find out what it was. When you open the pdf file, your will see a yellow sticker. Point your mouse at it and read what it says. Point your mouse to the article mentioned and then right click it. Choose Marquee Zoom and then repeatedly left click your mouse over the article to zoom it to a size when you can easily read the article.

When the Captain of HMS Mercury causes 15 officers to be dismissed the service A.pdf

In 1946, many reductions in our navy were called for, chiefly met by the demobilisation of HO's and reservist officers, but many regulars were not exactly encouraged to sign-on. Thus Captain Firth did the Admiralty a favour and got rid of fifteen wage packets.

In the 1970's, several in the navy lost their jobs, their pensions and gratuities, and some were actually imprisoned.  This was the great victualling scandal involving the S&S Branch with a Portsmouth-based civilian supplier of food stuffs and provisions. The naval personnel involved had accepted bribes of money, gifts and loans to favour the company as the preferred prime-contractor putting them ahead of their peer-competitors.  However, the number of officers sacked was considerably lower than fifteen. I do not recall the number of senior rates sacked but I know of two of their names. The scandal and corruption affected the whole of the Portsmouth command and area, and in addition to the punishments mentioned, badges, rates and LSGC's were liberally collected by the pusser.  For the innocent, it was a good time to be a Caterer or a Jack-Dusty [V] with a higher proportion than normal of B13's being issued! 

Other mass sackings of so-called wrong doers were the declared communist stokers of HMS Rodney before WW2 in 1931 - see here COMMUNIST_STOKERS_IN_HMS_RODNEY.htm

and the mass sacking of Maltese workers in the Malta Dockyard in 1933, simply because they were seen to be reading books written by eminent left-wingers who became devout Communists - see here  DISMISSAL_OF_MALTESE_WORKERS.htm