Its Summer Time and whilst the living ain't necessarily easy, for some anyway, it is a time for gardens.

Thought that I would show you a part of mine. The fish? Seven in number each @15 to 18" long with a healthy girth

Main house frontage faces south. Driveway separates the house. Area 2.1 acres. Four lawns with the one in front of the house windows the largest. The lawns are lush, regularly fed, spiked, rotavated and top loaded with lawn sand when appropriate.

Picture above shows house taken from the lower lawn on the west side of the driveway leading to the garage block. With the horizontal scroll bar set hard to the right, you can just see a set of steps. These lead up to the fish pond area, the second area in a three-tiered landscape feature. If you look closely, you can just about make out the up-reach for the pond fountain. The bottom of these steps leads onto the drive.


The strange, exotic and beautiful hanging flowers of the Brugmansia plant. It also has a lovely smell. Full south growing position and protected [well staked] from strong winds. In the winter, cut right back, removed, and over-winters in the garage.

Picture above shows the house and the conservatory/patio. When it is not greenery, lawns, and an abundance of flowering shrubs and plants, its stone walls and lots of them! This main lawn is cut up and down N-S, crossways E-W, and then diagonally.


This lovely rockery is one of four with two each side of the main drive way. This is outside the conservatory/patio. It is illuminated and has two waterfalls cascading water into a small fish pond at the bottom. You can clearly see the lilies and other pond foliage.

Finally in this series, the picture below is taken from the croquet lawn and overlooks the drive and the three tiered featured. Its floral splendour and illuminated fish pond balances the plain and simple large lawn which also has a nine-hole putting green when the fancy takes. You get a good view of the pond and its fountain, the three sets of steps leading from the the garage forecourt down to the lower lawn. The are several gazebo's in the gardens. The hedges, just over a quarter of a mile long are cut by contractors as are the shaped bushes, some of them quite large like the one prominently shown here  which is a Portuguese Laurel. The other hedge running N-S is an English Laurel. Unlike the tiering of the garden below it, this hedge starts at approximately 7' high by 2' 6" across by the gazebo gaining in height [but not width] as it reaches the bottom of the garden to approximately 15'.

Good luck and enjoy your summer and your family relaxation.  You can't see the park bench behind the two tall clumps of water lilies just to the left of the central steps, but that is where I relax with an early evening large G&T. Civilised or what?.....and when I think of my many years in submarines....God, how uncivilised was that ?

P.S. And who said that you couldn't grow Brugmansia outdoors in a UK garden with success?