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I regularly purchase material from the National Archives for my naval research projects - a time consuming not to mention expensive hobby. When used, the material stays in my data bases until I have a want [or is it a need ?] to empty my system.  The above mentioned page was such an emptying and below you will find more interesting naval information which I have no further use of. They are not in any order, nor is their cost or availability shown. Some very interesting files.

Original Document Title National Archives New Title in Admiralty Section One & Others as shown Time Period Subject
ADMTY76/1949 21304 1949-1951 The Festival of Britain - the Combined Services Tattoo
CE51368/1949 21349 1948-1949 Civil Service Radio Officers - qualifications & length of service necessary before operators can sit for re-grading exams: ALSO....
CE51729/1950; CE50001/1950; CE51731/1950 21752 and 21753 1950 Civilian radio operators in the Admiralty
CW3789/1949 21386 1949 Welsh, as a language, and as an alternative language for entry into BRNC Dartmouth turned down by the Admiralty
ADMTY103/1949 21308 1949-1951 Introduction of new foul weather gear and the oilskin coat as a kit item in Part 1 training establishments
ADMTY129/1949 21313 1949 The National Naval Church. Supply of white ensign for use in St Martin in the Fields church Trafalgar Square London, to replace existing tattered and worn one
N3728/1948 21199 1948-1950 Royal Naval Boys' Corps
N6087/1948 21206 1945-1948 Cancellation of war-time rules and cessation of temporary advancement.  Advancement to permanent rate by Depot Roster only
N5869/1948 21212 1945-1948 Boy's who desert.  Forfeiture of their Ledger Balances
N12087/1948 21221 1948-1949 Absorption of WRNS into the Royal Navy.  Congratulations message from the Board of Admiralty
NL257/1948 21233 1948 & 1950-1951 Admiralty - arrest of Peers and MP's on military charges: procedure for informing HM the King and the Houses of Parliament
M361/1948 21093 1945-1948 Report of proceedings and photographic record covering the commission of HMS St George
M5374/1948 21173 1948-1950 HMS Devonshire seeks permission to land the white ensign in Sweden for ceremonial purposes
NL3691/53 26687 1948-1953 The use of the white ensign in Shore Establishments
N2927/1948 21195 1946-1948 Reversion back to Depot Drafting from war-time drafting
N3313/1948 21197 1934 &1948-1949 HMS Victory - Girl Cadet Corps - application for official recognition
N9791/1949 21627 1949-1950 Request for information on the selection and training of boy's for the Communications Branch and the medical standards required
V/881/53 25188 1953-1955 Trial of white plastic top caps
GD/130/53 24736 1953 Special [non-service] rifles issued for the Coronation
CS150/53 24695 1953 Role of the Aircraft Carrier
TSD/123/53 25149 1953 Design of the cheapest possible aircraft carrier to operate modern fighters
N/4750/53 24988 1953 Recruitment of ex Borstal boy's
NL1436/1949 21640 1945-1949 Introduction of Service cigarettes for issue in certain shore establishments and ships in home waters: ALSO
NL6362/1949 21674 1945 Customs and Excise - revised arrangements for supply of duty free tobacco and other stores
NL1508/1949 21641 1938-1949 RNZN. RNZN Ensign and RNZN Fleet Auxiliaries Ensign - Particulars of wearing rules
NL2105/1949 21650 1949 Introduction of new punishment No 17A
N2723/1949 21665 1946 Prohibition of wearing the Union Flag by British merchant vessels and correspondence concerning the correct flag to fly as a jack
N1884/1949 21567 1947-1950 Recruiting - Continuous Service [CS] and Special Service [SS] engagements - approval for entry under CS rules for adult artificers and Communication Branch ratings
N4885/1949 21586 1949 Royal approval for alteration in name of the Royal Sailors Club Devonport to the Royal Fleet Club Devonport
N5166/1949 21590 1949-1950 RNCF - Royal Naval Comforts Fund. CHARITIES (18): Estate of Cecil John Walker deceased: correspondence with solicitors in connection with testator's legacy to Royal Navy Comforts Fund
N8809/1949 21620 1949-1952 Training of boys' at sea
N9556/1949 21624 1949-1950 Boys' - prizes from the Royal Society of St George Prize Fund
CW3597/1948 21030 1948 The NOBLE Report on warrant officers and commissioned warrant officers - see also 21592; 21393;21411
N6839/1949 21601 1949 Royal Marines - Staff Sergeant Major became a Regimental Sergeant Major
CW6292/1948 21034 1944-1949 Physical Training - Shortage of PTI's.  Reintroduction of the permanent rank of Boatswain [warrant officer] PRT
CW13631/1948 21041 1948 Medicals were introduced as a qualification for warrant officers and above
DPS174/48/SC 21067 1948 Possible use of HMS Impregnable [old boys' training hulks]  for WRNS accommodation at Plymouth
L1182/1949 21413 1943 Malta - dispute of September/October 1943. Report by Colonial Office. See also 21433; 21414; 21415; 21418
L3459/1949 21425 1948/1949 Shortage of sick bay staff at RNH Haslar and Admiralty's decision not to employ civilian staff to ease the shortage
M01516/1949 21489 1949 RN Communications in Singapore
N1024/1949 21562 1949 After care for invalid ex service personnel - long term treatment between Admiralty and Committee of St John's Ambulance and British Red Cross Society
M609/1950 21828 1950 Relationship between the RN and the RCN
MO 1175/1950 21849 1950-1951 HM S/M SERAPH - conversion to padded submarine target boat
MO 1397/1950 21858 1950 Report on the first Exercise SMASHEX
M1607/1950 21869 1950 Northern Ireland Naval Command. As from the 31st July 1950, NI came under the command of C-in-C Plymouth.  Later, it was shifted to FO Scotland and became part of FOSNI
N6987/1950 21956 1950 Introduction of AB's instructor pay and responsibility allowances
P25470/1949 21680 1946-19047 & 1950 German and Japanese reparations. German shipyards are available to the Admiralty for allocation as reparations. ALSO
PD 014/1949/PD 020/1949 21681/21682 1946-1947 Proposal for the Rhine Flotilla to be established
PD 021/1949 21683 1949 USN and RN plan for Joint Submarine Base in Scotland
V 682/1949 21699 1948 After No 8 AWD was introduced in 1947 for ratings, this directive proposes the issue of an AFO to tell personnel how and when to wear it. ALSO
V 1361/1949 21701 1949 Full report on the trials of the new uniforms for ratings [AWD No8;s] with correspondence from the Captain of HMS Ganges on the subject of white duck suits.
V 1563/1949 21702 1949 The introduction of Aiguillettes for flag lieutenants of flag secretaries
V 1643/1949 21703 1948 New peak caps for CPO's and PO's
CW5129/1950 21775 1949-1959 Revised rules for the promotion to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet
NL1384/1952 24002 1948-1952 Blue ensigns in merchant vessels
NL1472/1952 24004 1952-1954 Duties and authority of a petty officer
NL2377/1952 24012 1951-1952 Awards of imprisonment in lieu of detention to ratings under the age of 21
NL4049/1952 24023 1950-1953 Conviction by civil powers - consequential naval punishments
NL4950/1952 24025 1952-1953 Grog Issue - stoppage as a naval penalty
NL5009/1952 24027 1952-1953 Death sentences carried out in England when passed by a Courts Martial in Germany
NCW5573/55 26226 1951-1954
HM Ships Ganges and St Vincent: reports of inspections, complaints of treatment of boys, caning of boys and reports from Commander in Chief on numbers of boys running away from HMS Ganges during 1954 - fully incorporated into page "The Darker Side of HMS Ganges".
n/a ADM 338/43 October 1953
Church of Scotland and Free Churches, HMS Ganges, Shotley, Suffolk - Records
n/a ADM 338/40 1st May 1935 to 31st October 1953
RN Training Establishment, HMS Ganges, Shotley, and RN Hospital School, Holbrook, Suffolk. Church records.
n/a ADM 338/41 1938-1965
RN Training Establishment, HMS Ganges, Shotley, Suffolk: Anglican church records
Navy Works 5030/985 Part 1 29341 1951-1961
Shotley, Suffolk: purchase of Erwarton Hall for Captain, HMS Ganges
T439/8220 ED74/103 1951-1961 Suffolk, East: HMS Ganges Board of Education and successors: Technical Branch and Further Education Branch: Private Educational Institutions