Hello friends, acquaintance's and visitors to my site, http://www.godfreydykes.info.

Rather than you seeing the traditional and rather unhelpful Windows generated 404 HTTP Error  messages, which tells you that your 'click' failed to deliver, I thought that I would write my own 404 HTTP Error Page to give you a specific reason for the Error.

Infrequently, I have to terminate my pages and this I do simply by deleting pages which have already been published and taken up by the many search engines, or by archiving them to disc for future storage and use elsewhere, and when I do a withdrawal specifically for archiving, I tell you on the page you visit so that there is no doubt in your mind as to what you see in return for your 'click'!. I like and want you to see my work, not something generated by Windows or whatever, which is bewildering and totally impersonal and off-putting. For pages which have clearly been withdrawn by me, outwardly for no apparent reason save for those vague suggestions in the Windows 404 Error Message,  you should know why, and if there is an alternative resolution, you should know where to find it.

Currently [6th February 2016] there are only three pages, each having many files, which have been deleted, and these are THE ROYAL NAVY WARRANT OFFICER PARTS ONE, TWO and THREE - plus one PDF called "The RN's Latest Update.pdf" which concerns the Herbert Lott story now archived.

The facility shown on NAVY SMALLER FEATURES at story line 621  [the password control page to many other pages] is under construction and as yet, unavailable.

The reason the WO pages  have been withdrawn can be found in the following page http://www.godfreydykes.info/NAVY%20THINGS.htm by clicking on THE ROYAL NAVY WARRANT OFFICER PART ONE.htm file.

It is possible that one of two conflicting pages MIGHT throw-up a page called ROYAL NAVAL AND BRITISH MARITIME TRIVIA.  If it does then please click here http://www.godfreydykes.info/ROYAL_NAVAL_AND_BRITISH_MARITIME_SNIPPETS_1.html   Thank you.

 Also, recently DELETED  [May 2016] and ARCHIVED to Disk, are the following files:-
Naval Traitors.htm + Ganges Magazines .PDF + Alfred Hickman HMS Ganges.PDF + Inspection Reports.PDF + 1954 Boys' Uprising at HMS Ganges.PDF + Malta.htm which equals six files in all.

One IMPORTANT story about the CLASSES and TYPES of warships we had during the period 1950 to 2012 shouldn't go unnoticed. It was called "ROYAL NAVY SHIPS THE UPS AND DOWNS OF CLASSES AND TYPES" and was a type -htm file. It brought you here to my page error page 404 because it no longer opens in-situ.  I enhanced that file and republished it as:  http://www.godfreydykes.info/The_Ups_and_Downs_of_RN_warships_by_class_and_types_1950_2012.html [note a html file]. Simply click on this link and all will be well with you experiencing a good and informative page about our Royal Navy surface fleet. Enjoy your viewing especially my pictures of our favourite class/type of ship. If you opt to use the link independantly [i.e. Not Clicking on it or copying and pasting it into your browser] note that between each word there is an UNDERSCORE  except after the last word/entry [in this case 2012] there is a full stop followed by "html" in lower case. The entry is case conscious so take care. Better always to simply click on my link.